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Gracious Threads Eclair

I received the Gracious Threads Eclair for free in exchange for assisting in testing the pattern. All opinions remain my own. At first ...

I received the Gracious Threads Eclair for free in exchange for assisting in testing the pattern. All opinions remain my own.

At first glance, the Gracious Threads Eclair is a simple shift with a zip up front. And while the design itself is very simple, it lends itself to so many uses.

This pattern does well with any stable fabric. The zipper means that you want ZERO vertical stretch to keep the style lines consistent. Here’s just a few ways I can think of to get more value from this pattern.

#1- Make a fleece “vest”. This pattern does really well with any stable knit, so even inexpensive poly fleece would work well here.
#2- Corduroy jumper. Hobby Lobby had a great line of corduroy release for fall. Use those prints here for a fun layering piece. Pair with leggings or jeans and you are set.
#3- School Uniforms. Pair this up with a simple solid twill and it is a great layering piece for school uniforms.
#4- Flannel. Another layering option! There are so many adorable flannel prints out there. What a fun way to add some fun fabric. Whether you go plaid, cutesy or solid, they'll all be adorable.
#5- Over a polo, t-shirt or button up shirt. What a great way to take a simple staple item and give it new life.
#6- Wear it as is, sleeveless in the summer. Add a cardigan over the top as the weather cools off.
#7- Change up your zippers and get a completely different look. Metal Zipper for a very serious look. Regular dress zipper for a fun pop of color. OR use those gorgeous lace zippers and make it AMAZING.

This pattern will take you from Fall to Winter to Spring to Summer and back again! And with a size range from 2-12, you’ll get a TON of use out of this.

I sewed up 2 versions of the Eclair. My fabulous pink zebra is a warm flannel. Great layering piece or just enough to wear as is on a cool fall morning, knowing that later in the day it will warm up.

My beautiful red apple print is a Mabel Madison Poplin. Mabel Madison Apples For Teacher This fabric is an absolute dream to work with. Despite being 100% cotton, it is very nearly wash and wear. A good shake gets most of the wrinkles out! The bright zipper really shows off the red color. I made the bias binding from the green star print fabric from Mabel Madison as well. Mabel Madison Green Stars Lime I liked it so much that I left the bias binding showing at the bottom hem.

You can get your copy here: Gracious Threads Eclair

This pattern is on sale, this week only, for $5.50. Get it now!

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  1. Those are all wonderful ideas! I hadn't though of a corduroy jumper, but I really want to try that!


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