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Grammies Lil Dolls Lilith Sweater Dress Review

Grammies Lil Dolls gave me a copy of the  Lilith Sweater Dress  for review. All opinions remain my own. As a special gift to you, Grammi...

Grammies Lil Dolls gave me a copy of the Lilith Sweater Dress for review. All opinions remain my own. As a special gift to you, Grammies Lil Dolls is offering a 10% off coupon to all my readers! Read down to the bottom for the coupon code. :)

As described in the etsy listing: Liliths Sweater Dress is a pattern that can be made with knit, fleece or woven! You will absolutely love the simplicity and speed with which this pattern sews, Its sure to be a staple for your little ones closet!!!

We had a great time at the farm, so I apologize in advance for the large quantity of photos. I hope they help you make a decision.

Upon my first read through, I noticed a few important things about this pattern.

#1 is that the front and back pattern pieces are identical. Without sewing it, I'm dubious to believe that the fit on this will be right. But I'm willing to try anything once. The big advantage to the identical front and back is that my pattern printed up with only 8 sheets of paper. That is definitely a win. With 3 girls to sew for, I'll be sewing up a knit, fleece and really firm knit version in 3 different sizes, 3, 5 and 7.

#2 is that all seam allowances are 1/4". That seam allowance just doesn't work for me, especially with thicker fabrics like fleece. For simplicity, I have added 1/4" to the seam allowances so I would better be able to handle the finishing of the seams. This was really easy because of the raglan sleeves.

#3 is that the placket is the same piece for all sizes. That means there's no variation for scale for the smaller sizes. That will change the look of the dress depending on size. That isn't a bad thing, just an observation.

Ok, so I know I said I was all done with plackets, but I really liked the simple lines of this dress, so more plackets it is. I actually found the instructions for the placket on this pattern a bit confusing. Thankfully I've sewn up every kind of placket out there. Only 1 of the 3 is sewn as the pattern describes (the knit in size 5). The other 2 were sewn up with 2 different placket variations.

So variation #1 is the size 3 on a 3 yo. This is a knit from Purple Seamstress. the knit is actually only a knit in name. It has nearly zero stretch. That made it great for this pattern because it is suitable for wovens. I added in a ruffle around the neckline and did the dress length. She really loves it and is definitely both comfortable and cute. 
Variation #2 is the size 5 on a nearly 5yo. This is a tunic length in fabric from a previous Girl Charlee Knit Fix. It has the actual placket as described in the pattern. The sleeves on this are REALLY loose. I think a slimmer sleeve would be nicer in a stretchier fabric like this knit. You can get your Girl Charlee Knit Fix here.

Variation #3 is actually not an option included in the pattern. I used a poly fleece from Joanns from my daughter's stash (I don't feel the least bit guilty). Instead of a skirt, I made a band for the bottom and created a warm sweatshirt. She actually hates tight wrist bands and requested that I leave the arm bands off, so I did. If I was going to do this version again, I'd probably add about 1" to the hem for a slightly longer sweatshirt. For the bottom band, I used my daughter's hip measurement and cut the band 6" by her hip. Folded in half and attached at the hem. She really loves it and it will make a great pull over sweatshirt as the weather gets colder.

It was great to get outside and finally pick our Halloween pumpkins. And I love how festive these pictures look. We really look forward to Halloween next week.

You can get your copy of the Grammies Lil Dolls Lilith Sweater Dress here. Use code KIDS10 to save 10% in the entire store! Code expires October 30, so don't miss out. 

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