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Jocole Quick Dress with a placket!

So I've been working on #sewallthehenleys. I've obviously been sewing plackets plackets and more plackets. It was getting...

So I've been working on #sewallthehenleys. I've obviously been sewing plackets plackets and more plackets. It was getting to be too much. Then I stumbled across some inspiration and thought, I need a pattern for that.

THEN, it dawned on me. I don't actually need another pattern. (Ok, maybe I do, but I can do without, hopefully). So I took a good hard look, and I realized, I can make that from a Jocole Quick Dress. One of the simplest patterns out there and I could just hack away. normally, I'm not one for hacking, but this, this I could do.

So I present to you, my Jocole Quick Dress with a placket. I sized down to a size small (personal fit preference), added in a bust dart, via a Full Bust Adjustment, dropped the neckline 2" and then put in an 8" long placket. Melly Sews has a great tutorial on sewing the type of placket I inserted Here. I'm an inverted triangle, and the belt really seamed to help the look. I wish I had taken a few more minutes with my muslin to tweak the fit.

Things I'll do next time:
Pinch out a tiny bit of excess in the center front at the neck line. Right now there's a tiny bit of gaping that i just don't like. For now, I might just remove the buttons and pinch it in tighter.
Add a smidgeon of space into the elbow area of the sleeve. It is completely wearable as is, but I like a little more mobility.
Cut 3" off the sleeve length. I tucked the excess sleeve into the hem, but next time, I can save 3" of fabric buy going shorter. those 3" will add up some day.
Go about 1" shorter with the hem. I really LOVE my legs and feel like an inch shorter wouldn't be scandalous.
Move my bust point up just a touch. No, it isn't bad, but for some reason the way it points looks like its wrong, even though it isn't really off.

Yup, it is purely awesome. Feel free to feel jealous. Then, go pick up your own copy here: Jocole Quick Dress

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