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Black Friday Round Up Round 1

Thanks to Pattern Revolution, all the Black Friday Sales have been rounded up in one place! But so many choices, what's a seamstress ...

Thanks to Pattern Revolution, all the Black Friday Sales have been rounded up in one place!

But so many choices, what's a seamstress to choose? So here I am to help you out! There are 71 designers (not including fabric sales) on the round up. SEVENTY ONE! I can't fit 71 designers into 1 blog post. Too big! So I'll be posting my "wish list" from all 71 designers broken up into 3-4 separate posts. We'll see how many once we see how big my list gets! Please keep in mind that there are a LOT of designers. And I can't possibly mention every favorite pattern or design. So if there's something you think I should have added here, PLEASE comment at the bottom. And don't assume that if I don't mention something it isn't good. I haven't sewn everything!

So, from the top. #'s 1-20, From 5 out of 4 to Filles a Maman
5 out of 4 designs
Doesn't have a ton of designs (thank goodness, or my list would get too long).
I already own and love:
The Agility Tank and Riptide Shorties were my go to for swimsuits for myself this year. If you don't already own this, a definite buy. My agility tank was so stylish AND it covered all the wrinkles on my tummy from having 3 babies.
The Women's and Men's Pullovers. (links go to my reviews)

The one thing I might grab from 5 out of 4 is the kid's versions of the Agility Tank and Riptide Shorties. But my girls really love their one piece swimsuits, so that might not work for us right now.

A Sparkly Baby
A Sparkly Baby has some cute basic stuff. A lot of it is geared towards babies, but my youngest however is 3. I already have all my basics covered, so I can't speak to the quality or fit of these designs. They may be amazing, I just don't have the time to try EVERY pattern out there. The one pattern I have bought (haven't sewn yet) is the Epic Hoodie. Why? Because this thing has me covered for gifts for Men, Women, and baby wearing families. YES!

A Vision to Remember
A Vision to Remember is mostly quilting and baby related stuff. Nothing I need here (but you might!).

Around the Bobbin
Around the bobbin has bags. Not my sewing thing... Next.

Bella Sunshine
Bella Sunshine has some cute stuff. Most of it though is not our style. If I was going to grab something, it would be this 2 tiered circle skirt. Its called Kelly's Twirly Skirt and I would of course get the bundle, because that will cover from my youngest to myself.

Big Little
Big Little is mostly known for the cape and and riding hood patterns. Again, not our style, so nothing to pick here.

Bishy Barnababes
Bishy Barnababes has 3 patterns. Just 3. But OMG these animal purses! I wonder how fast these go together, because I know 3 little girls that would just LOVE them.

Blank Slate Patterns
I've never sewn a paid pattern by Blank Slate. I did try their free men's patterns on craftsy. The patterns themselves were fine, but the fit definitely did not work for us. Nothing here I "need".

Bobkin has some cute stuff. But, now that DD1 is 7 and wearing some things in size 8, I don't buy any patterns that don't go to at least size 12 (and preferably size 14 or even better, 18).

Brownie Goose
Brownie Goose has some REALLY cute stuff. Like REALLY REALLY cute classical stuff. My kids are leggings/sweatpants and t-shirts kids. Not the right style for us.

Candy Castle
The Candy Castle claim to fame is the Peppermint Swirl Dress. if you don't own this one and have a girl that loves to twirl, you REALLY need it. And don't forget there's a version for women too!

Chris W Designs
Bags. i don't sew bags. next.

Coffee and Thread
Only 2 patterns available. The Antalya Dress has a really fun seam that could make some interesting fabric decisions. Its going on my "maybe" pile.

Cozy Nest
Cozy nest is more bags. BUT, I will say, I just LOVE the look of the cupcake bag. I've considered buying it many times. Each time I remind myself I hate working with all the tiny ruffles, etc. But maybe one day I'll need it.

Dandelions n'Dungarees
Dandelions n'Dungarees is our kind of designer! Lots of comfy cozy knits. AND if your little one is getting an American Girl Doll for Christmas, all the doll patterns are FREE. Say that again, FREE! So, grab the coordinating designs and win the "best gift ever" award.

Call Ajare
Call Ajare only has 3 patterns, and while I LOVE the Ruffled Arch Skirt, my kids won't wear skirts. Lame. :/

Ellidactyl has just the kinds of clothes my kids love. Lots of twirl and soft cozy knits. But if you're going to do it, go big or go home, so grab the Bippity Boppity Ball Gown AND the add on pack. Then you're set for any princess occasion.

Everything Your Mama Made and More (EYMM)
True Story. I own all but maybe 3 EYMM patterns. No joke. I only don't own the others because I already have very similar patterns from other designers (like leggings) Love these patterns. Comfy, stylish and easy to fit. BUY ALL THE PATTERNS!

Fabulous Home Sewn
Wallets and bags. Next

Filles A Maman
Filles A Maman isn't quite our style, but I've been eyeing these slippers for a long time. Maybe its time to finally pick them up on sale?

Whew. Round 1, complete. If I have time round 2 will go up later today. Otherwise, all 71 designers will be done BEFORE black Friday. Don't miss any deals ladies!

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