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Grammies Dolls Penelope Pencil Skirt

I want to thank Grammies Dolls for the opportunity to test the Penelope Pencil Skirt. As always, opinions remain my own. When I heard tha...

I want to thank Grammies Dolls for the opportunity to test the Penelope Pencil Skirt. As always, opinions remain my own.

When I heard that Grammies Dolls was testing a pencil skirt I thought this is the perfect test for me, I love pencil skirts. I was wrong, really wrong! Testing the new Penelope Pencil Skirt took me out of my comfort zone. So far out of my comfort zone I had to ask for help, a lot of it!

The Grammies Dolls Penelope Pencil Skirt is a woven, below the knee pencil skirt with lining and kick pleat. It is definitely NOT a beginner's pattern. It is listed as an intermediate pattern. If you're looking for a challenge, this is it. If you are new to sewing, approach this cautiously. There are a lot of basic techniques that you are expected to already understand. The instructions are a bit shorter with a lot of sections that are just words. If you will need hand holding, be prepared to ask a LOT of questions in the facebook group, Grammies Dolls Children's Clothing.

The finishing techniques are super professional and exactly what you would find in a high end shop. EXACTLY. What does that mean?
-Fully lined. A fully lined garment is a garment that has some of its own shaping. Just be sure to pick a nice slippery fabric for your lining or it will constantly catch on your pantyhose. (Ask how I know.)
-Interfaced waistband. A nice waistband needs interfacing.
-Hand Stitching. Have you seen the scene of Inside Out where Sadness throws herself on the ground and refuses to move. That is how I feel about hand stitching. Seriously, why did I buy a high end sewing machine only to hand sew things? Aside from my own frustration with hand sewing, sometimes it is the right technique for a style and this is one of those cases. The hand stitching makes a gorgeous finish that you can't get from a machine. A hem with NO visible stitches. That is true love right there.

On to the actual garment. I sewed this up in a beautiful Polyester Crepe De Chine from Cali Fabrics. This fabric actually has a tiny bit of mechanical stretch. I wish I had accounted for that better. But it is nice and thick and was a real dream to work with. I expected it to be more annoying. I did struggle getting the waist darts to sit nicely because the fabric really doesn't press at all. No wrinkles, but also won't take a steamed dart. That's ok. Please keep in mind that I do NOT fit into the pattern size chart. I had to blend sizes. Please MAKE A MUSLIN. This is true for all garments, but extra true for this one. I don't want you to have an unwearable skirt.

I styled the Penelope Skirt with my favorite Patterns for Pirates Layer Me Up in Girl Charlee Knit Fix fabrics. I went ahead and included 2 different styles. 1 with and 1 without a belt so you can see the value a good belt can bring to the right outfit.

Chances are this skirt is going to go straight into my UFO pile. Why? a below the knee skirt just isn't something I'll wear, ever. BUT, if I get around to hemming it above the knee, I'll probably wear it over and over again. The fit really is pretty good and the time I spent seems worth it.

So on to the real meat of this post. Accessories! Sometimes, an outfit just needs "something". Sometimes that's a necklace or infinity scarf. Today's outfit NEEDED a belt. For your comparison, check out these two photos side by side. 1 with, 1 without a belt. Gah. Without a belt, it looks like my torso goes on for days. I actually don't have a long torso, I'm pretty average. So if you try on an outfit and feel like there is something wrong with the proportions, try a belt to break up the lines. Try tucking in your shirt. Try untucking your shirt. Try a necklace or infinity scarf. It isn't enough for us to sew up awesome garments. We have to remember that the proportions on our body are just as important.

If you work in an office, go to a conservative church, have a fancy date night or just like skirts, this is the pattern for you. And if you feel like the length isn't for you, don't worry. It is super easy to shorten the whole skirt from the bottom, so buy it! Use coupon code: newlisting to save 20% off the regular price until Monday at midnight. Etsy shop can be found here.

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  1. I hope you do shorten the skirt. It would be a wardrobe workhorse at the right length.


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