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KBSD Birthday Celebration- Color Block Raglan

I am so excited to be helping Stephanie of KB Stitch Design celebrate their first birthday! Be sure to read through to the end for your coup...

I am so excited to be helping Stephanie of KB Stitch Design celebrate their first birthday! Be sure to read through to the end for your coupon code.

I can't believe KBSD (affiliate link) has only been around a year! I've used several of their patterns and even tested for them in the past year. You can see those review posts linked below:

KBSD Penley
KBSD Wrap Around Romp

While I write this I'm wearing one of my tester versions from the Penley and I had actually forgotten how much I love this pattern. Its just been way too cold over the winter to wear the Fall weather versions I had made but I grabbed it out of my closet today anyway.

I had to think really hard about which pattern I wanted to use for their big celebration. As much as I love a great women's pattern, I just didn't have time for muslining with the tight timeline. So of course one of the kids patterns would be a perfect choice.

I ended up picking out the Color Block Raglan (affiliate link) and am so glad I did. This pattern comes in sizes 12 months through 14/16, with options for a solid front and back, Or color blocked front, back or both. It also includes an over sized pocket, muscle tank, short sleeve or long sleeve with sleeve hem or bands.

The coolest part about this pattern (in my opinion of course) is the muscle tee option. I don't know of any other raglan pattern that offers this as an option. The muscle tee makes for some great color blocking opportunities. HOWEVER, its February in New Jersey, so no muscle tees for us, yet.

I choose to sew up the size 7/8 with long sleeves and front color block. The pattern pieces went together really well and while the point on the raglan sleeve looks really strange when you're cutting it, when you sew it all together, it is exactly the correct angle to smooth into the side seam. I did end up with a bit of a "wonky" neckline. I think this is due to my yellow cotton lycra being so soft, as opposed to the more firm C/L I'm used to working with. This pattern has a nice loose fit which my daughter actually really likes. I personally think it would be just as nice in a thinner fit and might size down in the width next time. The sleeves are a little long, but when you blend sizes (7/8 in this case) when you're at the smaller end of the size range, you're going to get sleeves that are a little long. Maybe, just maybe it'll fit next fall too! (Fat chance).

I had actually cut out, pressed and hemmed my pocket pattern piece, but when it came time to putting it on the shirt, it covered up the beautiful print. Next time I'll do the solid on the body and print on the sleeves and color block. Then the pocket will go great on the body. I will say that be sure to print out and assemble your entire pattern carefully. There are no instructions in the pattern on how to cut your pattern pieces. All instructions are on the pattern pieces themselves. If you read the pattern pieces, the instructions are there on which pieces to cut out for solid or contrast pieces, sleeve lengths etc.

I used some fabulous fabrics I got from Funkalicious fabrics and am very happy with the results. The colors are so vibrant and the solid yellow cotton lycra is soft and buttery. My daughter absolutely loves these fabrics together. They're definitely different than my more subdued colors that I'm drawn to and she was excited to wear them to gymnastics right after photographing.

Photographing was a bit of a struggle as she was in the middle of a book she just didn't want to put down. I know that feeling of NEEDING to finish a book, so I tried to get photos around her. I'm just glad that enough of them turned out.

If you're new to KBSD, or just struggling to decide which patterns you need, let me enable you. ;)

If I was going to buy patterns, I'd grab:
Womens: Penley, Siren Trousers, and All Wrapped Up.
Mens: Polo, Raglan and Splendid Slacks
Kids: Color Block Raglan, Block the World Lounge Set
Babies: Star Sleeper, Wrap Around Romp.

I actually didn't list ALL the patterns, but you could buy them all, that would be cool too.

Be sure to use your coupon code on the KBSD Site (affiliate link) so you can save 35% off all the patterns. Code: firstbirthday

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