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Messed Up Monday with Mabel Madison

Did you see my guest post over at Mabel Madison ? You should read it so you can see how I got both the Jocole Faux Wrap Skort AND the Sisbo...

Did you see my guest post over at Mabel Madison? You should read it so you can see how I got both the Jocole Faux Wrap Skort AND the Sisboom Tobago from 1 yard of fabric. Seriously, the Mabel Madison Poplins are a real fabric bargain when you consider how much extra fabric you get!

But today is Messed Up Monday, so let's get down to business.

The Jocole Faux Wrap Skort and the Sisboom Tobago are patterns I've made TONS of times. But I've also learned a few tricks for getting these done faster and so I present to you some tips and tricks to keep you from messing up and help your sewing speed right along.

I sure hope you grabbed the Faux Wrap Skort last week when it was 1/2 off. its a great pattern. This is actually a really well put together pattern and I've made it tons of times. The pieces all match up and everything is perfect, IF you follow the directions. So where's the problem? I repeatedly forget to follow the directions.
So what is the one thing you need to remember? The seam allowance on the front wrap hem is 5/8" not 3/8" like all the other seams. This makes sure that the skirt, when turned right side out, will match up with the shorts hem, which is also 5/8". I have messed this up EVERY SINGLE SPRING when I start making these again. Don't be like me, sew that seam allowance properly and your skorts will look great. But, if you do mess up, just cut off 1/4" evenly from the top of the skirt panel and you can match everything back up. Its annoying, but it'll do the job. Please note that this skews the side seam a tiny bit. It won't be perfect but it'll save you a LOT of seam ripping, so take the short cut. ;)

The Sisboom Tobago is a really quick sew. And I've got a tiny trick to help you make it look really professional in the side seams! You will follow the directions for sewing in the facing and attaching the shoulders. The trick happens when we go to sew together the side seams. The instructions tell you to open out the facing and then pin the facings right sides together and then the side seams right sides together. They say to sew down the side seam and then fold the facing back down into place. I'm going to create a side seam that will not allow the facing to roll around.  Ready?

Pin the front and back together at the side seam. Fold the "front" facing down wrong sides together, as it would look once it is finished. Wrap the "back" facing over this, matching right sides together. You are now going to sew the side seam as one complete pass and the facing would be sandwiched inside the seam. When you turn this all right side out, your facing will automatically lay perfectly flat in the side seam AND your thread tails will be hidden inside. Now your shirt looks as beautiful inside as it does outside. <3 This also means you can skip top stitching the neckline and armscye. I like the look of a nice neat seam without topstitching. Its a different look from the topstitch all the things look.

Sewn side seam with back facing folded over front facing.
That's it. My little bit of magic. Hope it helps you get a nice facing too.
Facing Turned Right Sides out.

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  1. Very nice, I'll have to try that trick out on my next Tobago & Tortola.


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