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Messed Up Monday- UFOS

If you've been sewing for any length of time, you might be familiar with UFO's. No, I'm not talking about space aliens and their...

If you've been sewing for any length of time, you might be familiar with UFO's. No, I'm not talking about space aliens and their space craft. I'm talking about Un Finished Objects. Today on

we are getting to the bottom of UFO's.

I'm going to talk about some really embarrassing UFO's here, so bear with me. You see its a long story, that started about 8 years ago.

A little more than 8 years ago, I was a first time mom. And I had decided that we were going to cloth diaper. I ordered all the necessary accoutrement and away we went. It was great. I loved it. Even my husband embraced the money saving. All was good.

Then I got pregnant with my second daughter. I still loved cloth diapers. And I had increased my sewing ability substantially. I was determined to start cloth diapering from birth this time, instead of starting at 8 weeks, once they grow into one sized diapers. So I ordered fabrics and sewed up a beautiful newborn stash. Now it just so turned out that my middle daughter was too big for her newborn diapers. Oh well.

BUT, I had been bitten by the diaper sewing bug. From there, I created Baby Monkeys from which I sewed and sold over 1000 cloth diaper covers and pockets. This was before CPSC and before the market was horribly flooded by any number of WAHM businesses sewing cloth diapers.

Along came my youngest daughter and I was still sewing diapers. I was making a small amount of cash each month, which I totally blew on Chik-Fil-A (don't judge). It was an amazing experience. I was sewing with purpose, bringing in money and building a business.

But, as my youngest got older and needed fewer and fewer diapers, I started sewing fewer and fewer diapers. I stopped advertising, and seeking out new customers. Baby Monkeys was given a face lift and along came Organics By Ti. No longer was I sewing just for babies, and I felt a name change was well deserved. I still offered diapers in my shop, but I wasn't dedicated to them they way I was before.

Fast forward to today and we get to the UFO's. While cleaning out my sewing area this past weekend, I found no less than 35 already cut out cloth diapers. Covers, fitteds, pockets, you name it, it is precut and waiting for me to sew them up! This bag alone has 12 newborn sized diaper covers. That's just the newborn size. <sigh>

Not only do I have all these diaper UFO's waiting for me to finish, but I also found a partially finished, gorgeous baby quilt. I started that quilt when I was pregnant with my middle child, over 5 years ago! UGH!

So today I'm vowing to clear my UFO bin. So if you're looking for some nice cloth diapers at a super discount, keep an eye out on the Organics By Ti page. And if I ever finish this quilt, I'll gladly take bids! I'm eager to get these finished and out of my house. Then I can use those bins for storing more fabric and not half finished projects!

And I encourage you to take a good look at your UFO bin too. If you can, finish the items and pass them along. If you can't, send them on their way to make room for the good stuff!

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