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Glamour Swirl Blog Tour with Sew By Pattern Pieces

 I love working with Sew By Pattern Pieces . The pattern pieces always match up perfectly, the instructions are clear and the instructions i...

 I love working with Sew By Pattern Pieces. The pattern pieces always match up perfectly, the instructions are clear and the instructions include enough details to let you know EXACTLY what you'll get when you sew the garment by following the instructions.

So of course when I was asked to join the Glamour Swirl Blog Tour my immediate answer was "YES!"

The Glamour Swirl Skirt is a full circle skirt in both girl's sizes 1-14 AND women's sizes waist 24"-48". What's even better? Its free to all members of the Sew By Pattern Pieces Facebook Group.

So you're probably thinking, why get THIS circle skirt. For so many reasons, you need THIS skirt and not another one.
#1- Finished Measurement Chart
#2- Shaped waistband
#3- Super cute waist ties (optional)
#4- Fast. I finished my Glamour Swirl in under 40 minutes, INCLUDING assembling the pattern.

So, now that I've talked about how awesome the pattern is, I can take a moment to talk about my fabric.

This fabric is part of the Club Knits from Raspberry Creek Fabric. I was lucky to get Raspberry Creek to give me this fabric for review and I am so happy I did. After receiving it in the mail, I already knew I was going to end up placing a huge order (and I did just last week).

This fabric has gorgeous color and amazing stretch. It definitely is worth every penny and more for the quality you get. I can't wait to get my hands on the french terry that is coming my way.

So, it isn't enough that there's a blog tour for a free pattern. Because yes, you can grab the pattern and sew something awesome for yourself too. But you will LOVE the giveaway that we have going too!

Be sure to check in with the bloggers on each day, because there are 3 separate giveaways!

You can register to win at the rafflecopter below.

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