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Sew By Pattern Pieces Christmas Gift Blog Tour

I'm not trying to go all Grinch on you, but I have a confession to make. I hate Christmas Sewing. Don't get me wrong, I love givin...

I'm not trying to go all Grinch on you, but I have a confession to make. I hate Christmas Sewing.

Don't get me wrong, I love giving and getting gifts, but I hate when there are deadlines put on my sewing. I prefer creating on a whim, not on a deadline.

Now you're probably thinking, "If you hate Christmas so much Scrooge, then why did you sign up for a Christmas Blog Tour?" That is an easy one. Out of love, I sew gifts for my family for Christmas. And while I could sew the gifts and then give them away and no one ever know, this way, I have a reason to turn my hard work into a blog post! Sneaky, I know.

So here we are with the Sew By Pattern Pieces Christmas Blog Tour.

I'm actually really happy to be on this tour. You see, every year, I sew matching pajamas for my 3 girls. Nothing fancy, just plain cotton pajamas. And even before I knew about the tour, I was going to use the Sew By Pattern Pieces Fun Tee. Its the one pattern where my girls all agree that they like it.

I could inundate you with links back to all the Sew By Pattern Pieces patterns I've blogged, but I'll save you, this time. Let's just sum it up to say that I love them all.

So I'll just flood you with photos! Happy Christmas-y Photos.

And of course, it wouldn't be a fun blog tour if we didn't have a giveaway, so be sure to register for your chance to win the great prizes from our sponsors!
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  1. Hey there Ti. Sewing pjs for my little guy is the only Christmas sewing I commit to. I don't like to feel rushed to sew gifts, so I take a pass and just buy for others. I sewed knit pjs for the first time this year and think I'll stick to knits. They are so much faster than flannel.

    1. Every year, I tell myself NEVER AGAIN. And the next year, I fall into the making gifts trap. I promise, NOT next year.

  2. Love those pajamas! I don't make my kids pajamas...I think I should each year but the "to-make/sew" list is so long suddenly in december. This year it is aprons: this one for my both girl's, and this one for my son. And since my oldest daughter's birthday is tomorrow I have 3 of these dresses done (she loves the first one I made enough that I promptly made more) and I am making a Meridian pouch for my Mom and some super soft pillowcases from a vintage linen sheet I found at a thrift store for my Dad. Oh and lots of Cecilia tee's from OUSM Patterns and Love Notion Leggins for my youngest. *sigh* I think I need to go sew now. Merry Christmas Tibeca!

    1. All of that makes me feel anxious and I don't even have to sew it!

      My list that is left:
      Hoodie for my DH
      3 Made for Mermaids Mermaid Tail Blankets for my 3 daughters
      2 Knit Dresses (1 for each of my 2 youngest)
      Joggers plus Raglan for my oldest.

      I keep getting distracted by sewing things for myself...

  3. Sew by Pattern Pieces is new to me. I'm going to have to look into these. Thanks for linking up!


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