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Sisboom Angie, Redux

If you're a follower of my facebook page, Sewing By Ti, then you've seen that I've been working hard to perfect my Sisboom Angie...

If you're a follower of my facebook page, Sewing By Ti, then you've seen that I've been working hard to perfect my Sisboom Angie. That was all so I could participate in the Sisboom Angie Hack-a-thon.

I was SO torn about participating in this tour. Could I even come up with something new? Plus, I was still struggling to figure out how I wanted my Angie to look and how to achieve that. UGH! Then, I came up with a great idea only to find out that someone else was already doing it. <sigh>

But, as I was fiddling with the bodice dart, again, I had a revelation. Once I did my FBA, the Angie had a HUGE dart. To help go around my bust obviously. And I couldn't get it to sit smoothly. The reason being that big darts look nicer when they're broken up into multiple darts, like the Carolina Mae. I didn't want to break up my dart into pieces though. So instead, I rotated the dart and turned it into a princess seam!

Now I know you're probably thinking, "I can't do that!" However, I have the perfect youtube video to have you turning every bust dart into a princess seam!

Let me point out, this is NOT my video. This video belongs to Chris White. Chris White is my new sewing super hero. He even has a website for a class to teach you pattern drafting and fitting as well as just a valuable blog. It is on my list of things to read and report back on really soon.

But, back to my Angie with a princess seam. As you can see, the hacking of the pattern is SO easy. And my favorite part is that this method made it super easy for me to make a form fitting Angie while still keeping all the comfort of the elastic back. With the princess seam, I was able to take in the underarm seam so that I had no gaping, get a close fit around my bust without any of those darts that were hard for me to fit AND it was fast and easy too.

I did pull up the waist seam as everyone seemed to suggest on my fit check photos from the previous week, but I'm not sure which I like better.  The higher bodice does make my waist look smaller BUT, it also makes the whole bodice area look shorter, which makes the gathered skirt look a bit too puffy. The lower waist makes my body look more square, but it definitely feels more balanced vertically. I'm thinking of adding lace to the bottom hem (I fear I made this one too short). You decide.
Sisboom Angie, with drop waist
Sisboom Angie with Princess Seams and Natural Waist

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  1. looove the waist on the blue one! princess seam is a fun hack too!

    1. although I would probably take 10 inches off the skirt width if you don;t like that look. I always add to my gathered skirts when short so I can have that exxagerated look.

  2. Hmmm, I didn't get any madonna points on mine, even though I made my dart slightly wider and shorter, to fit the difference between my bust and waist. If you don't do this already, I suggest sewing the dart from bottom to top, slowly easing off the fabric at the top without backstitching, and tying off the threads. Once satisfied with darts, cut the excess fabric off, leaving a quarter inch seam allowance (finish edges with pinking shears, fray check or zig-zag stitch) and press open. This will smooth out the tops. I still think the higher waist looks better, but I agree with you that some gathering should be removed, or go with an a line skirt. You'll get it yet. Happy sewing!

    1. My problem is the shape of my bust compared to the large dart. I already do all of those things and they look OK. I'm probably being overly picky about my darts. And honestly, this gathered skirt is a much less gathered than the pattern calls for. I think the answer is zero gathers. I loved your dress by the way. :)

    2. Thanks. I agree with the zero gathers. Gathers just don't work on me either. If princess seams fix the problem, then I would just princess seam anything that needs larger darts, lol.


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