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Knock It Off with Lulu and Celeste

Unless you live under a rock somewhere, chances are your Facebook has pulled up the 2 Leggings for $24 advertisement from Fabletics.  I...

Unless you live under a rock somewhere, chances are your Facebook has pulled up the 2 Leggings for $24 advertisement from Fabletics. I'm sure you know the one. The ladies have the COOLEST running leggings ever. And for $24 that sure sounds like a steal.

There are 2 problems with this advertisement for me. #1- I don't buy leggings online. And more importantly, #2- I don't run. I promise you, if I went online and bought "running" leggings I would be the laughing stock of the entire planet. I don't run. Period. Except maybe from like a wild animal. But even then, I'm more likely to climb a tree (I have great upper body strength) than run away.

But those advertisements are VERY tempting. And I really did want a cool pair of leggings. Not just boring leggings in solid colors. And you know I'm too lazy for hacking (although it can be done).

But then my wish was granted. Patterns for Pirates released their updated Peg Legs Pattern. AND it was still FREE! The add on packs are EXACTLY what you need to make running style leggings.

So for my Knock Off, I made running style leggings. Except they're not, LOL. Because the only place I'm running is out of time (please don't hate my bad jokes).

So let's start with the original pattern. The original pegs didn't fit me so well. The front rise was too low and I didn't like the compression fit. The update pegs are still REALLY snug fitting. not my favorite style.

By measurements, I should wear
31" waist XL
34" high hip Small
38" full hip Small
21" thigh XXSmall
13.5" calf Medium.

Don't go quitting on me just because my size is all over the place. I sure didn't want to blend out all those sizes, and I didn't.

I made my muslin as a size small (shorties only). Even though my fabric had the required stretch, I didn't like how tight they were. I don't actually need compression shorts. So step 2, pick new sizes.

My second round with this pattern I sized up to a size Medium. I used the Medium waistband, medium body from hip to knee. Then sized up to a size large for my calves. This was the PERFECT fit for me. Comfy, not too tight and PLENTY of support from the shaped waistband. Can anyone say belly support panel? That means that the 3 day vacation we took, where I ate at buffets (and completely engorged myself) is not visible on these photos. WOOT!

Of course, I needed the pockets, so that was my next plan. That is the garment shown here. For the record, I found that the "calf" length of the color block version is NOT the same as the calf length of the original pattern. I modified my length to match the length from the regular pair. This pair is made from the cotton lycra from the Simply By Ti. My pocket and outer of my waistband is super stretchy french terry that I found in my stash. I hemmed the pocket instead of using a band on the top seam. The pocket fits my Samsung Galaxy S7 perfectly. Which means I'm ready, no matter where I need to go!

This was the perfect knock off pattern and I can't wait to make several more pairs using the color blocking options that are included in the add on pack.

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  1. That knock off is great! And I don't run either so yeah, would never buy leggings on line either...something I would for sure like to try making for myself though!

  2. Your leggings look great :) I'm not much of a runner either, ha. But those pockets would be awesome to have. I confess that I have bought leggings online though and they actually fit pretty great lol (old navy) but I do need another pair for yoga classes so maybe I'll try making a pair.


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