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Made For Mermaids Mama Isabel

Being sick and caring for sick kids (and husband!) meant I was SO behind on my back log of projects! Today I've got the Made For Mermai...

Being sick and caring for sick kids (and husband!) meant I was SO behind on my back log of projects! Today I've got the Made For Mermaids Mama Isabel.

The Isabel is a true wrap with a-line skirt. I have to admit, I love crossover bodices. But I don't love true wraps because you waste so much fabric making 2 front skirts! So, I'll probably sew all of my Isabels with a faux wrap. Plus, there's fewer wardrobe malfunctions that way. 😉

I started out the Isabel, hoping to make zero vertical adjustments. I know, foolishness. It actually turned out half way decent! I blended out the bodice from the Blue Shoulder to the Indigo full bust and then simply followed the Indigo straight to the end of the pattern piece. This actually worked out ok (just not great). I did use a blue back skirt and an indigo front skirt. This was perfect as it accommodated my larger than drafted waist. That said, who am I to think that I know better than my vertical proportions, LOL? That should have been my first sign that I was getting sick. Attempting to avoid adjustments never turns out well.

I did end up adding extra coverage to the top of the cross over, which would not have been needed at all if I had just removed the 1/2" above the bust like I normally do. 🤦 If anyone can tell me WHY I made this harder for myself, I'd love to know.

I do NOT like the length of the short sleeves. But I never like the length of anyone's short sleeves. These cut straight across my bicep, which is also exactly where my bust is. That makes my bust and shoulders both look wider. I'll end up redoing these sleeves to be a nice short and tight cap sleeve instead. That might make my deltoids look bigger, but I'd rather have big strong arms than an even bigger bust.

Without any length adjustments, the mini length turned out ok (I took a 1" hem instead of 1/2" per the pattern). I don't think the mini length would be a good length for me once I remove 1 1/2" from the whole bodice.

Overall it is completely wearable, and I look forward to redoing this pattern with proper adjustments. I know with proper adjustments it is going to be awesome. I'll be sure to come back and share that with you when it is done.

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  1. Thanks for sharing as I haven't made the Isabel yet. I'm plus size with huge boobs so I bought cheap fabric to practice with first. I'm 5'3, do you think I'd have to adjust length, Too? Also, I had no idea about the sleeves hitting at your bust line made it appear to have bigger bust and shoulders. This must be why I prefer shorter sleeves as well. I usually serge off 1/2 inch then hem up 1/2 inch. Great to learn something new!

    1. Sleeve lengths are SO very important. The most flattering sleeve for all body types is the 3/4 sleeve (right below the elbow). Otherwise, be conscious of where your sleeve ends. If it ends at your bicep, it will make your bust look larger. If that is something you feel you need, then have it stop there. For me, I try to minimize the focus from my bust and shift it to other body parts.

      At 5'3" tall, I definitely recommend doing some adjustments. The key is to know which ones you need. Not everyone is short in the same way. I am short above my bust and at my natural waist, but average sized from natural waist down. Knowing your body is SO important. If you aren't already, you may want to join the Capsule Wardrobe Sew Along Group on Facebook. They're the best fitting group I know on facebook. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing. I just bought mama Isabel and I'm planning to make it for my birthday, but I need to do a full bust adjustment and I've never done it before, It's so confusing as I am also a self taught seamstress. I've been watching you tube videos and there's lots of information, the only thing is that mama Isabel pattern is not a general one to work with for the first time. I just hope that you could see this message on time and could help me if possible. Thanks in advance. Sandra

    1. I skipped the FBA. My fabric had enough stretch to fake the fit I needed. That said, doing an FBA on a wrap dress actually isn't hard! If I were going to do it, I would fold the pattern piece at the center front line. Then work an FBA on the 1/2 pattern piece


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