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Sewing Block and Fall Planning

Have you noticed my blogging has slowed WAY down. -Part of that is because I finished my summer wardrobe. -Part of that is because I figu...

Have you noticed my blogging has slowed WAY down.

-Part of that is because I finished my summer wardrobe.
-Part of that is because I figure you don't really want to see my 37th Patterns for Pirates Slim Fit Raglan
-Part of that is because I'm planning a wickedly awesome Disneyland trip for my family!
-But mostly it is because I'm waiting for fall fabrics and fall weather.

So yes, I'm still creating, but not anything that really needs sharing. :( But I'm about to get there because my new fabrics should be here in late August.

So what are my fall plans?

Double brushed poly EVERYTHING. Ok, that might be excessive.

For starters, I need a stack of DBP leggings. I can put those under summer dresses OR wear them with tunics. Or just put them in a drawer and pet them regularly. Because, "hello fuzzy softness".

I also want to make a few DBP dresses. I'm thinking at least 1 or 2 Halla Agnes's with the sleeve add on because I really loved the flare on that dress. I definitely want a Halla Bliss in DBP too since I haven't made 1 with sleeves yes.

I'm still working on fitting a good pattern to make Rayon Spandex Joggers. Which really is something I could be working on now. And I guess I just added it to my "to do now" list, LOL.

I need a nice fall jacket. I'm thinking of using some French Terry to make a casual yet comfy jacket. I haven't picked a pattern just yet, but maybe the Jalie Stretch City Coat.

I also need to replace my black Colette Elmira Cardigan. Something weird happened to my fabric and now it has all these sticky spots on it. (probably something to do with my kids). This is one of my most worn cardigans, so sooner is better than later. But I'm feeling unmotivated to make a solid black cardigan. But I know it is what I need.

I need to put together some French Terry Pants to get me through the coldest of cold days. But I keep changing my mind between Jalie Eleanore's and 5 out of 4 Zen Pants. Both are comfy and cozy and I've already got them all muslined. Perhaps I just need a few pairs of each. I certainly have plenty of french terry in the shop to choose from.

I've also been telling myself to make a Winter Wear Designs La Croix with sleeves for like an eternity. I LOVE my sleeveless version. And we've already started to head into cooler weather.

Which will I start first? I'm not really sure. But at least I put my intentions out to the universe!

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