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Tie Dye Diva Mermaid Skirt Blog Tour

This will very likely be my last blog tour before baby, but let's go out with a bang, shall we? Special thanks to Tie Dye Diva  for inv...

This will very likely be my last blog tour before baby, but let's go out with a bang, shall we? Special thanks to Tie Dye Diva for inviting me to join this tour, even though I was hugely pregnant and would have to mod her pattern. You'll definitely want to check out the "kick off" post as it includes giveaways AND a coupon to Simply By Ti!

My eldest is 10 years old. I'm no novice to the mom gig. I even spent the first 7 years of my momming career in yoga pants and over sized t-shirts. So the last 3 years have been very different for me. You'll notice that's about when I started blogging. Also when I focused on eating healthy, caring for my body, wearing clothes that were flattering for my body and even wearing makeup, sometimes even every day! <gasp>

Talk about a transformation, right?! Yet here I am, almost 32 weeks pregnant and I had sort of lost myself again. Whoops. I had gotten back to a daily ponytail and whatever clothes were clean. 😓

Here I am, with a closet full of clothes that don't really fit my big baby bump, a bit of the pregnancy blahs and a need for a closet transformation. And that's where the Tie Dye Diva Mermaid Maxi Skirt comes in!

Reasons why it is awesome:
#1- Knit fabric. Knit moves with you and will stretch when you gain an inch or two. That means this skirt probably will make the transition from pregnancy to post partum.
#2- I'm not going to lie, Maxi skirts means you don't have to shave. I know plenty of people that don't shave at all and more power to you. But if you are uncomfortable showing your legs without shaving first, boom, no one has to know if you haven't shaved this week (or even this year!). 
#3- This skirt looks fancy. Mine is made in Simply By Ti Jegging and cotton lycra. No one is going to look at you and say, "She's wearing pajamas" but it definitely feels just like pj's!
#4- Despite the fancy look, this went together SUPER fast. Taping the pattern took longer than the sewing!
#5- POCKETS! I'm not going to keep my child's rock collection there, but I sure could hold onto my car keys while we're at the park. That is ALWAYS a win.
#6- Curves. My body is not curvy. Pregnancy doesn't help me either. My bust may have grown 5", but my hips are only an inch wider. And that big belly, well, yeah. But color blocking this skirt and the way the hem flares makes this mama look curvy! If you aren't curvy, this will help. And if you are, va-va-va-voom!

Now, this pattern uses a turned over elastic waistband. That is my PREFERRED waistband pregnant or otherwise. To mod for pregnancy, I made the pattern as drafted, tried it on and just scooped the front to accommodate my belly. It isn't fancy, but it works. If you prefer a yoga style waistband, you'll have to remove elastic allowances and copy it over from a pattern that you like the fit for.

You'll notice I used the jegging fabric for my pockets. This trick actually emphasizes my non-existant hips and makes them look wider. If you aren't trying to emphasize your hips, go with the color of your side panel. Hope this has inspired my fellow mom friends to make something that makes you feel good. ❤

Interested in my fabric? Simply By Ti is offering a coupon code. Click the "Giveaway Post" below.

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