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Terra's Treasures Telluride Top

Terra's Treasures gave me the Telluride Top in exchange for writing a review. All opinions remain my own. The Telluride top is the fou...

Terra's Treasures gave me the Telluride Top in exchange for writing a review. All opinions remain my own.

The Telluride top is the fourth in my series of Henley Pattern Reviews. And let me tell you, so far I haven't yet seen a henley pattern that I don't think you need. You can click through the side bar to find the other reviews for the WWD Hepburn Henley, KBSD On Point Penley, and P4P Henley.

The Telluride is supposed to be a fitted Henley with multiple neck, sleeve and hem options.

The Telluride Top has
4 neck lines:
-Faux Henley
5 sleeves
-Short puff sleeve
-Long puff sleeve
-Short slim sleeve
-Long slim sleeve with hem
-Long slim sleeve with thumbhole
5 hems
-Banded shirt
-Banded Tunic
-High low hem

I used my measurements and picked a size medium, faux henley, slim sleeve and hemmed tunic length. Due to measurements, I did NOT do a full bust adjustment. I did remove 1 1/8" from the length (at the lengthen/shorten line) to accommodate my shorter stature (I'm 5'1"). The length now hits perfectly.

The faux henley is a really cool feature, however, I did find that the way the instructions have you sew it in could have been different (and resulted in a better line). If you wish to follow my method, you would sew in the faux henley BEFORE you connect the shoulder seams. Sew the shoulder seams together, then add the neck band and continue as the instructions are written. If you don't have the pattern, this won't make any sense. If you do, it should. :) I did bring this to Terra's attention. It is of course up to her whether she wishes to update the pattern at all.

As an inverted triangle, I was worried when I saw the original line drawings that the pattern would only include the puff sleeve. Puff sleeves are not good for people with wide shoulders as they make our shoulders look even wider. Not a good look for me. Thankfully there is a slim fit sleeve and that is the one I chose. I appreciated that unlike the other patterns, the sleeve piece has a very definitive front/back, versus being cut on the fold. I find that this makes for a better armscye and better mobility in the sleeve.

I found that while the Telluride is marketed as a "fitted" pattern, it actually has more of a semi fitted feel. I really appreciated that there were finished measurements included in the pattern. It was clear that unlike other "fitted" patterns, it does not have negative ease, which helped me to better understand the expected fit.

All in all, another good henley pattern with some very unique features. I will say, that while many people think "faux henley" and assume it will be easier than the henley, that in this case, it isn't. It is a wonderful addition to the pattern and is worth the time though. So don't skip it. To really create some wow factor, be sure to use a second, different fabric, for the faux henley to create some "pop" in your top.

As for the final fit, I'm not 100% happy with the fit of this henley. The shoulders fit okay, but the underarm is too big and the sleeves are also too big. Next time, I will sew up the small through the shoulders and bust and add in my full bust adjustment. I would then have to grade out to the size medium for my hips. I will say this isn't a fault of the pattern. It just appears that this pattern is graded more for a rectangle than the typical hourglass. If you keep that in mind as you choose your size, you won't be disappointed. I also might shorten the sleeves to better fit my frame. That said, I'm so used to wearing sleeves that are too long, that I sort of like the way they can cover up my hands.

I used some of my Cali Fabrics to sew up this version. i was a little disappointed that the directional fabric was printed ever so slightly off grain. I had to choose between having the print be lined up or the grain. I went with the grain, since the print is wild enough that it doesn't need to line up perfectly, but now I'm not so sure. That said, this fabric was less than $4 a yard, so I'm not really complaining. I wish I had color blocked the faux henley instead. Right now, you can't even see it with the fabric. But it does make a very nice v-neck shape.

All in all, I'll still be wearing this top regularly. You can get your copy here: Terra's Treasures Telluride Top. Last I checked, the sale price was supposed to expire on the 19th, but it was still live when I checked on October 20th.

Keep your eyes open for my next blog post, "So you wanna sew a henley". I'll be doing a comparison of the current 4 knit henley patterns. And you'll get to hear which is my favorite, or not. ;)

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  1. It looks great! I suspect I'll be in for an FBA too. Thanks for the review!


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