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Black Friday Round Up- OTHER designers

Pattern Revolution does a great job of rounding up the sales, but theirs is paid advertising. NOTHING wrong with that, but there's still...

Pattern Revolution does a great job of rounding up the sales, but theirs is paid advertising. NOTHING wrong with that, but there's still more sales! So for those other designers that are also have sales, here's what I might grab.

***Please Note: I grabbed these from where I could. Some were designers wanting me to include them. Others were found on their facebook pages or PDF Pattern Sales and Promotion. I'm sure I missed others. I don't want anyone to miss anything, so if you know of a sale I missed, please comment below with the designer's website and a pattern you would grab from them. #buyallthepatterns! THANKS! Also, I'm not including coupon codes. I don't want to be held responsible for what you may do with your $$$.

Brooklyn Pattern Company (coupon code on PDF Pattern Sales and Promotions)
Brooklyn Pattern Company has 3 patterns. The 2 with sleeves are puff sleeves. I don't like puff sleeves (personal preference). The Bedford pattern is cute. It is a modified jumper pattern. Do I need this? Probably not. I could modify a pattern I already have to make this work. Its a no, but only because I could modify something. BUT, if your mod skills aren't up to par yet, you may want to try it.

Create Kids Couture (coupon code on PDF Pattern Sales and Promotions)
Create Kids Couture has a lot of designers working with them right now. That means from one design to the next you can't know which designer drafted it and their particular preferences of fit style and sewing techniques. I've had mixed experiences with their designs, likely because of the variety of designers. If you're looking for a variation of a peasant dress, then their original designs are perfect. I don't like their women's patterns because they rely more on elastic to fit than actual fitting techniques. BUT for a beginner, that would be ok since you could get consistent results without a ton of fitting. So if you're a beginner, then these patterns should work well for you. Of course, they have such a variety of patterns right now, I can honestly say I"m overwhelmed. So recap: If you don't already own a peasant dress pattern, then you have a multitude to choose from. If you're  beginner or don't like fitting very much, their women's patterns are for you. AND, don't forget to get all the sizes, you have to buy baby, child and tween patterns. I already own and like the Peyton's Hooded Peasant Dress.

Go To Patterns (sign up for their news letter or on their webpage)
Go To Patterns has some good stuff. But better than their stuff, they have other designers on their page too. And guess what, the coupon code applies to them too! Now that is a deal I can get on board with. So I've been watching the Waffle Patterns for a long time. LONG time. I have no idea about the quality of the drafting or the instructions. But they're so cute, I'm finding it hard to say no. So I probably won't buy all the patterns because it is too expensive. But I probably will be buying one. The Gored Skirt from Indigo Junction is also really cute.

If you don't already have girl's leggings, the go to leggings is a pretty good buy given the number of options and the Anywhere Dress looks like a good buy too. BUT, I've never actually sewn a Go To Pattern. Never heard anything bad either. You never know.

KBSD (Coupon code on PDF Pattern Sales and Promotions)
I already own a bunch of KBSD patterns. It seems that these really focus on funky color blocking. Great way to use up smaller pieces of fabric. My favorites: Penley and all Wrapped Up. I also own but haven't sewn the Men's Brush It Off Polo, Spelndid Slacks and Henley and Raglan. I SWEAR, I really am going to sew something for my husband for Christmas. *Since he never reads my blog, I feel safe saying it here. ;)

Kotton Kandy (coupon code on PDF pattern Sales and Promotions)
Kotton Kandy has American Girl Doll Clothes on sale (coupon code on PDF Pattern Sales and Promotions). No AG dolls, no need for doll clothes.

Krafts by Krista (coupon code on PDF Pattern Sales and Promotions)
Baby shoes. I don't have any babies. Can't justify sewing baby shoes. Maybe you have a baby that needs tiny shoes?

Lilac Lane (PDF Pattern Sales and Promotions)
Lilac Lane has fabric and patterns, VERY dangerous combination. ;) I've always liked the look of the Simply Dressed dress, skirt and top pattern. I'm a sucker for patterns that come with more than a few options as it adds extra value. But I don't know if my kids would wear it. Added to my etsy "favorites list". I'll think about it.

Little 4 A While (coupon code on their facebook page)
Lots of comfy knit patterns with twirl factor. I already own the Hailey Bug's Closet Perfect Puzzle Set, else I would be buying lots of these patterns. The one thing I don't have anywhere else is the Mermaid Swirl Dress. That said, I don't think I actually own any patterns from this designer, so I can't vouch for the quality. I would grab the swirl dress though because I haven't seen that type of swirl done on a knit dress, so I'd want that pattern piece only. I don't really use instructions, so I don't care about those. :)

Sew Caroline (coupon code on PDF Pattern Sales and Promotions)
The Out and About Dress is cute. But I can't wear gathers at my waist. Maybe this style does work for you?

Sew Like a Pro (coupon code on PDF Pattern Sales and Promotions)
Sew Like a Pro has the Amelie and Daisy Bundle which is super cute. But it only goes to size 5/6. I'd need to size 10/12 at least to justify the purchase. They do have the Wonderland Cardigan which is cute and goes to larger sizes. No idea on quality of these patterns. But I might grab the Wonderland Cardigan since I don't have anything like it. Then again, I may just hack a hood onto one of my other patterns.

Hold It Right There (coupon code on PDF Pattern Sales and Promotions)
Hold It Right There has bags. I don't sew bags. They even have an itty bitty American Girl Doll bag. Definitely not sewing tiny bags, LOL.

Nimble Phish (coupon code on the Nimble Phish Facebook
Nimble Phish is my favorite shop to browse. These dolls are SO cute. They look well constructed and I've heard amazing things about them. BUT, I don't sew toys and especially not toys that require specialty parts, like moving limbs and specialty eyes. But please keep making patterns because I LOVE looking at them. :)

SISBOOM (Scientific seamstress Facebook Page)
ALMOST missed this one! I like that the newer Sisboom patterns include separate cup bust sizes. I HATE the 1/4" seam allowances. I don't like that each pattern size is on its own pages. I love that there are multiple length lines already written into the pattern (saves TONS of time) This works fine in kids sizes where you do fewer adjustments, but it is hard for grading on women's sizes. But that is strictly personal preference. I have sewn several Tortola's that I love. A couple Carolina Mae's that are sleeveless and cute. I didn't like the Marco but that was a style issue, not a pattern issue. And I'm wearing Judy's Fancy Pants RIGHT NOW! Now that I've fitted the pants, they are my go to for simple pants. Pj's in cotton, flannel or fleece. I finally refited my ponte pair that were too big and am happy with those too. I only have one of the kids patterns, but I'd expect more of the same. Small seam allowances but otherwise well drafted patterns with sizes on their own separate pages. You really can't find this style of pattern in PDF any place else. So if you want it, just be prepared to do a LOT of printing if you need more than one size.

Wardrobe By Me (coupon code on PDF Patter Sales and Promotions)
I've heard some good things about this designer and have tested for her once. The pattern drafting is IMPECCABLE. She uses high end pattern drafting software so the pieces go together perfectly. I'm really into women's clothing right now and I am trying NOT to wear yoga pants/sweats and big comfy tee's. So I'd probably grab the Mirri (wrap dress), Skinny Pants and the Pencil Skirt because it has cool color blocking. But I have lots of patterns very similar to these, so it'd be hard to decide whether I need ANOTHER wrap dress style and ANOTHER pair of pants and ANOTHER pencil skirt (I already own the jocole and love notions ones). I'm trying to hard NOT to buy duplicates... Decisions.

Don't forget to add in any other sales you know about below!

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  1. Sew straight pattern co. has some great patterns and a great sale. Patterns and instructions are clear and fun to put together.


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