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Black Friday Round Up Round 4

Its the final stretch. Just 11 more designers to go. Serger Pepper to my favorite Winter Wear Designs Serger Pepper I have the One Cardig...

Its the final stretch. Just 11 more designers to go. Serger Pepper to my favorite Winter Wear Designs

Serger Pepper
I have the One Cardigan by Serger Pepper. Daughter loves her cardigan, so I love it. It is pretty well designed, and I think I might be able to squeeze into the largest size. Adding that to my "to do" list for January.

Sew By Pattern Pieces
Only 1 pattern and it is for a tshirt. I have more tshirt patterns than you can shake a stick at (yeah, I did go there, LOL). The puff sleeve is adorable, but I'll pass.

Sew Much Ado
Only thing I'd consider here is the Peplum Top, but I'd rather use my Jocole Patterns for that since I'm already familiar with the designer.

Sew Sweet Patterns
Sew Sweet Patterns says they're for the beginning seamstress. That isn't me, but I might still like these designs. Why? Because i love garments that go together fast and easy and usually beginner equals fast and easy. However, there's nothing in here for me to buy. Not because the patterns don't look well drafted and well styled, but because I have all my basic patterns covered. I have a few designers I stick with for basics because a good designer has a consistent fit/style across all their designs. These may or may not be any good. Take your chances.

Shwin Designs
I've got more than a few Shwin Day Trippers in my wardrobe. And I do need the Carolina Tee (a simple t-with the hourglass color block panel (that panel makes everyone look thinner!). I'm also considering the Desmond kid's jacket to make a wool coat for my eldest. BUT, it seems the best deals were this past week and I missed them because i didn't read all the e-mails in my promotions folder of my e-mail. :( I might just buy them anyway.


Nothing really grabs my eye here. The designs aren't bad or anything, far from it. But they seem focused a lot around very girly bows, etc. Maybe we're a little too low key for that kind of styling.

SUAT aka Stitch Upon A Time is best known for their undies. Personally, I like their Riding Hood poncho. I still haven't perfected the fit on my Brazi and I'm struggling to style my Fauna Shrug. But the patterns are solid and so are the instructions. So if you like it, go ahead.

Truth time. I like the Coachella Shorts for women (don't judge!). And the Boheme Sky is super cute too. I've sewn the Coahellas and had ZERO fitting problems. Perhaps it is because the notch in the shorts hit above my large quads. Doesn't matter. I like them.

Swoodson Says has kids toys. Fun stuff. Never tried them but heard good things.

Swoon is all about bags. Really high end looking bags. I hate bags. All the interfacing and careful cutting. Blah. But these bags seriously make me swoon. Like, if I made bags, I'd make Swoon bags. So if you're going to make bags, these patterns are awesome.

I have to admit that lately I've been all about the women's sewing. My kids projects are just necessary stuff I HAVE to sew before I can get back to my new love of womens' clothing. And the Terra's Treasures new patterns have really caught my eye. I really liked my Telluride that I made. And the Lisse looks so comfy and warm. I haven't decided yet whether I, as an inverted triangle should buy the Lisse. I worry I'd look even more top heavy with that cowl. But you only live once.
AND, if you or anyone you know has a baby the Monkey Pants are SO cute. Even without the animal faces.

Quilts and toys. Not my thing.

Just not loving anything. I think I'm getting tired of looking at patterns! Nearly to the end of the list.

Bags, aprons and a top that looks like it would only be stylish on someone that was model thin. Pass

I haven't made any of these. The Twirly Skirt has popped up in my searches more than a few times though. Perhaps it is a sign that I should buy it already!

The Wolf and the Tree have the socks and tights patterns everyone has been posting about. I'm tempted. But I don't know that we care enough about socks or tights to sew our own. Maybe the idea will grow on me.

HUGE fan of the potato chip and chocolate chip skirts. Lots of great basics here. If you don't have some good basic styles already, then definitely browse through these. Pattern pieces are well drafted and instructions are good.

Many of these patterns are knitting patterns. I lost my love for knitting a few years ago. But I have always loved the Sweetheart Dress. The heart shaped cut out gets me every single time.

I own a few Violette Field Threads patterns for myself. They've just been OK up until now. HOWEVER, I've come a long way since I learned to fit over the past few months, so perhaps I should give them another chance. The kids patterns are very picture perfect and I'd probably cry if my kids got mud on them. And I know my kids, there's always mud and dirt everywhere.

I bought several Whimsy Couture Patterns several years ago. I was very disappointed. Maybe the quality has changed, but I can't knowingly steer you towards these patterns without full disclaimer that I had a bad experience with the earlier patterns. Proceed with caution.

I LOVE working with WWD on projects. I've loved every pattern I've purchased except one, the Real Deal Jeans. But it isn't the pattern's fault. I NEED to learn to fit pants. Once I do, there will be no more problem patterns. But I'm just not ready to try again.

So, how'd I do? Did I direct you toward something new to try? Were you inspired? Overwhelmed? Better equipped to hit the sales? I will say, I can now narrow my pattern list down. Maybe even get it under 10 patterns this year. I've still got a lot of work to do. How about you?

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  1. Thank you so much. Lots of great information here.

    1. I just hope it helps me figure out what I need to buy, LOL.

  2. Sad to see Whimsy Couture (which is also my company) getting a negative review just because my patterns were one of the first ones that came out on PDF. I have come a long way with the quality though. Hope that others see this as well. Great to see so many other companies get the thumbs up though, they truly deserve it.

    1. I honestly appreciate your comment. I don't have any of the new patterns, so I can't speak to their quality. I can only speak to my personal experience which was frustrating. Please feel free to contact me privately if you'd like to discuss this further.

  3. For people interested in the Swoodson Says patterns, they are well-made. She recently did a tour, which you can find on her blog (or my post on my site). Also, Swoon patterns really are well written, for those who do like sewing bags. I've made several.

  4. I made the WC A-line tunic dress and I love it. It went together well and fits great. That is the only one I made so can't speak to any others.

    1. Thanks for adding your feedback. I'd love to be wrong about whimsy couture.


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