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Black Friday Round Up Round 3

Round 3, Made for Mermaids through Seaside Notions Made For Mermaids No lies here. We own all the everyday princess patterns. I have sewn...

Round 3, Made for Mermaids through Seaside Notions

Made For Mermaids
No lies here. We own all the everyday princess patterns. I have sewn every princess there is. I have sewn fairies. These get worn daily. The combination of comfort plus princess wins every time. I have not sewn the other designs only because I haven't needed any of the other patterns. But if one of those catches your eye, they're worth your pattern dollar.

Made With Moxie
Only 1 pattern here, the Prefontaine Shorts. Not our style.

Mandy K Designs
When the Mandy K Designs Princess Party Dress came out, you better believe I bought it and whipped up Anna and Elsa Dresses so I could win the "best mom ever" award. That same year i used it for a fairy costume. This Christmas, my girls will be getting new Anna and Elsa Dresses because they outgrew the first ones. Do we love it? Oh yes. I love the flat front that showcases they design. They love the ease of dressing with the elastic back. Definite winner.

Every time I see the English Rose Dress, I think I should buy the pattern, just so I can learn the trick to that fabulous bow. Still haven't yet though. So much to sew, so little time.

Max & Meena
I JUST finished a blog about the All Ears Hoodie. In one word, Yes.

I really like the fabric combinations that go into the Modkid Designs. I own a few of the patterns and the over all patterns instructions and designs are very good. My one complaint. The girls Kyoto isn't available in PDF. And, if you're not sure you need the women's Melanie, I can say that it was VERY convenient to have those side pockets when my kids were toddlers. Maybe I need to sew up another one of those in a fun print.

Molly and Mama
Applique and embroidery are not my thing. I may dabble here and there, but really only with free stuff. If you're into that sort of stuff, there's a limited selection here.

The monkeysbug undies were the first undies I ever sewed. They were a fail. These undies are not drafted for big butt kids and my kids have big butts. I have since moved on. The designs otherwise look pretty solid and the instructions and pattern pieces were easy to assemble in the original pairs I made.

My Childhood Treasures
I'm actually a fan of My Childhood Treasures. I'm especially fond of the patterns drafted for fleece. They're stylish AND warm. Easy to wear and my kids love them. I suspect the other patterns are more of the same. We have the Bluebird, Color Block and Amy Dress Patterns. All well loved. My only complaint is the patterns I have only go to size 8. That means I can't justify buying any more. So if you're like me, check the size ranges carefully before you buy if your big kid is moving past size 8. Many of the patterns go to larger sizes.

My Funny Buddy
I actually bought a bunch of these patterns last year on Black Friday! And I actually used them. Yeah me. They're cute, fun and a great way to teach kids to sew. DD1 has been working her way through the patterns and is getting a chance to practice her sewing skills on something OTHER than another pillowcase. These get a thumbs up if you like sewing toys. AND they get a thumbs up if you don't like sewing toys but need to make a fast gift. I completed a cute little pig for my Daughter's 5th Birthday in under an hour. So no extensive hand stitching or anything. Just some easy seams and voila, instant gift.

My Little Plumcake
Complaint. My Little Plumcake doesn't sort her patterns into folders. With many of the listings being duplicates it is hard to see what is and isn't a new pattern. Frustrating. Too hard to see if I'd want to buy anything.

My Treasured Heirlooms
Smocking and Crochet are beyond my personal willingness to commit time to a pattern. But they are both beautiful and if that's your style, these patterns are great. As for sewing, I like the Lollipop Skirt. Simple, yet creative. Looks like a great stash buster, and I know we could all use an opportunity to use up the little scraps.

Nap Time Creations
I've tested twice for Nap Time Creations now and am pretty happy with the outcome each time. These are solid patterns at a fair price. Don't forget to check out all her FREE patterns too. Lots of basic designs available.

Ollie and Annie
Only 1 pattern, but a cute one. I like the look of pleats and would actually consider buying this one.

Peek a Boo Pattern Shop
I own a LOT of Peek a Boo Patterns. My favorites are definitely the Alex and Anna PJ's. Bundle and get the winter and summer ones at a discount. Really though, I just love all the pajama choices. Basically, if you have a pajama need, the pattern you need is here. I have not sewn up any of the other patterns besides PJ's but they definitely get my approval.

Skirt patterns only. Look pretty basic but I worry about the possible translation issues since the person that wrote the listings uses the kind of formal English that would be learned from studying English rather than having English as a first language. HOWEVER, I could be totally and completely wrong. Don't own the pattern to really have an opinion.

I love the Puperita Patterns. I don't love that they go to only size 5/6. No good for me, no matter how much I love them.

Rose and Lee Designs
Only 3 designs and nothing catches my eye.

Ruby And Jack Patterns
Playground to Palace Dress. Need I say more? Ok, I will. I was tempted to buy this pattern. But seriously, do I need ANOTHER princess dress pattern? I say no. But then I say maybe, and then no, and then yes, and then maybe and then.... So you decide. Do you need a knit princess dress? Because my guess is there's a little girl in your life that says yes.

Seamingly Smitten
I've tried twice to buy Seamingly Smitten patterns and was twice disappointed. The patterns are so basic and require more than a little bit of fitting work. You can find similar designs from other designers that will be better drafted and result in less frutration.

Seaside Notions
I like the Pensacola Beach Petal Top. But its so cold right now, its hard to think summer and heat. And I know people will say what about layering it. As a mama to 3 girls, I don't need them to have another excuse to make more dirty laundry. I do wish there were more sample pics though.

Whew. These 20 went by super fast! 1 More round to go!

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