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Black Friday Round Up Round 2

Alright. Round 2 will include black Friday sales from Fish Sticks Patterns to Love Notions. Fish Sticks Designs Fish Sticks Designs was o...

Alright. Round 2 will include black Friday sales from Fish Sticks Patterns to Love Notions.

Fish Sticks Designs
Fish Sticks Designs was one of my first purchased PDF patterns. I have to admit that I just don't love them. The designs I've used in the past were very boxy. I will admit, I haven't tried any of the new patterns, but I'll just pass on these.

FooFoo Threads
These designs are all so beautiful and scream OVER THE TOP. This is just the sort of thing I would have wanted to wear as a child. Sadly my girls don't love ruffles. I know, how is that even possible? But alas, no pretty ruffles for us. But definitely check them out, because they're all so pretty!

Gracious Threads
I've tested and blogged about a few Gracious Threads patterns. Namely:
Rainbow Tee
Star Anise

BUT, there's one pattern that I wish I had grabbed earlier. That is the Raindrop Tee. The high-lo hem on this is definitely popular in the older girls' styles. After doing some window shopping with my eldest, this is a must have style.

Grammies Dolls
I have one complaint about this designer. In some places she's listed as Grammies Dolls and others Grammies Lil Dolls. I find that confusing. But that has nothing to do with sales! So I have blogged about the Lilith Sweater Dress. I would dare call these designs bordering on vintage. And well, my kids like leggings and tees, not older designs. So pass here. But the patterns are well drafted so if you like the style, it is pattern dollar well spent.

Greenstyle Creations
Greenstyle Creations have been hit or miss for me. So far I have and like The Laurel, Norah and the Centerfield Raglan. I've heard great things about the athletic wear, but i work out in sweats and a baggy t-shirt, so it isn't for me. Perhaps the newer stuff is a better fit? Maybe now that I know more about fitting my clothes I should try again? Perhaps I'll add that to my "New Year's Resolution." Give Greenstyle another chance. I don't own any of the kids' or mens' patterns so have no say there.

Golden Rippy
Golden Rippy is having a pretty epic sale. $2.50 each! Whew, practically free. I've been eyeing the Cinnabar Sky Pattern for a long time, but was too afraid to try to fit it. At $2.50, I think now is the time to try them out.

Get Your Crap Together
Before I comment on patterns, can I just say, I love the name of this pattern shop. It just feels real to me. I do own the Seaside Summer Top. I only ever made one and just wasn't in love with it. A bit too boxy and sack like. But if that was the look she was going for, then she wins. Now I will say the Happily Ever After dress looks awesome. But if you can't climb trees or go down slides in it, it isn't the right clothes for my girls. Sometimes I wonder if they're not actually monkeys!

Handmaiden's Cottage
I have a love hate relationship with the patterns at Handmaiden's cottage. I love the designs. But the one pattern I purchased, the instructions were so all over the place I had to pretty much guess at the overall assembly. As an experienced seamstress, this wasn't a problem. But someone with less experience might really struggle. If there's a design here you can't find anywhere else, then go for it. But don't say I didn't warn you.

I Sew Cute
I Sew Cute has some nice stuff for American Girl Dolls. No AG Dolls for us, so no need for these patterns.

Izzy and Ivy Designs
I got the Beverly Bell Top in a bundle sale but still haven't sewn it. Definitely not going to be working on that over the winter. Other than that, nothing I see here I need.

A Jennuine Life
I've never sewn a pattern from this designer. I know, shocking. But I've been wanting the LOL Swing Top and Moto Jacket since I first saw them. The Dressage Leggings are really cute too. So hard to choose when I've got 71 designers and so many sales to look at it!

Jilly Atlanta
Confession. I know nearly all the designers on the sale list, but I've NEVER heard of Jilly Atlanta. At a glance, nothing I absolutely love. But I did like her facebook page and will keep an eye out for new patterns. Perhaps they'll grow on me.

No joke, I own nearly every one of the Jocole Patterns. I'm a Jocole Fan Girl and I'm not ashamed to say it. I learned to sew knits "well" from my Jocole Patterns. Prior to that I was just muddling along. If you're looking for basic, well drafted patterns, these are for you. My kids favorite is definitely the Endless Dress. I've sewn at least 50 of these, and aside from the 6 flower girl dresses I made for my brother's wedding, the others have each been completely unique and different. A definite best buy if you don't own that pattern. And the women's patterns are all so AMAZING. I use these patterns over and over again. And you can click through my blog to see the different ways I've used the women's patterns.

Laela Jeyne Patterns
The Lola Swimsuit for women looks awesome. Definitely adding it to my wishlist. It i hard to spend pattern dollars on things you won't sew for 2 more seasons, but have to get while the getting is good. The kids patterns don't call to me, but I think it is because I have so many "basic" patterns that I don't need more.

LBG Studio
The thing I see here I need most isn't a pattern! Its the e-book on taking better photos. My photos have improved drastically since I started in September, but I can still take them to even better places.

Lil Luxe Collection
Without being judgmental, I like my kids to dress like kids, not mini adults. So these styles don't work for me.

Lily Bird Studio
I've been wanting the Sandy's tunic and Amy's Peplum since I can remember. It is one of the first things on my etsy Favorites list. Sadly, my kids don't love buttons and fussy clothing. And these garments look like they deserve the love and patience of good sewing. Pressing carefully and making them look their best. I'd be crushed if I put the time in and they didn't wear it. :/

Little Lizard King
I own and LOVE the Perfect Petal Skirt by LLK. I have 4 I made that I wore over the summer and just LOVE LOVE LOVE. The one thing I don't have yet are the slouchy "library" cardigans. Having a kids and womens version from the same designer makes mommy and me styling easy. But with so many designers with a similar cardigan style, it is hard to choose a winner. Another favorite is the Animazing skirt. I swoon every time I see another version of this skirt. And the winter add on pack! Yes, buy all the patterns.

Little Kiwi's Closet
The Fancy Flounce Skirt and Triple Treat Skirts are SO cute. I've made more than my fair share of the FREE Woolen Hooded Vest. If the patterns are more of the same, then I'd highly recommend them.

Lou Bee Clothing
Lou Bee has some more "adult" looking styles that I don't like on my littles.

Love Notions
I LOVE Love Notions. So many great patterns, I can't name them all! The 2 that come to mind most immediately are the La Bella Donna and Origami Tunic. My daughters and I have some of each and absolutely love them. If you love mother/daughter styling, then absolutely yes. And if you just love comfy clothes, yes again. And don't miss the Moto Max and Maxine Patterns because they are so stylish and fun.

Ok, that ends Round 2. Whew, I think my list is getting a bit scary and long! MEEP.

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  1. The Jennuine Design Patterns are amazingly well designed with cleanly and clearly written instructions. I own every one of them and would recommend them all. If you've had your eye on the LOL Swing top, you should move it to the top of your list!


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