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Optical Illusions #3 AKA What to wear

So this Optical Illusion Post is mostly a show off post (hey, its my blog, I can do that!) So #1 is look at my awesome new jeans! I've...

So this Optical Illusion Post is mostly a show off post (hey, its my blog, I can do that!)

So #1 is look at my awesome new jeans! I've been on a health journey since February and this week I went jean shopping. Normally this might bring some people to tears (myself included). I hate trying on 1 thousand pairs of jeans only to leave with nothing.

This time was different. I tried on 6 pairs of jeans only to find that I was grabbing the wrong sizes. I started with a 6, but nope, too big. 4 was also too big! WHAT?! So, I left the women's section because the fit was not working for me. I'd lost most of my womanly curves and so headed to the Juniors Department. After having to pass up several pairs of super low rise jeans (I'm a mom and I do have a butt, I just can't) I found these fabulous midrise jeans on the clearance rack. I paid a whopping $7.20 for jeans in a size 3/4. I haven't worn 3/4 since high school.

Now don't go dashing my dreams. I'm sure that there's been more than a little bit of vanity sizing going on since I left high school, so a 3/4 now, may not be a 3/4 from back then, but I don't care. I'm wearing a 3/4 and I feel and look amazing.

So, while I could have just posted 1000 photos of my butt, looking awesome in my new jeans, I won't do that to you. For reference, these are Hyrdaulic Jeans from Kohl's in Lola Curvy Midrise. If they had had more in this rise, I would have bought them all, even at full price because LOOK AT MY BUTT!

But I digress. Please, stop looking at my butt for a minute! I am wearing a Jocole Peplum top in this photo. This really is a great top for us inverted triangles because it draws attention to our waist and our hips. It gives the illusion that we actually have those. Let me point out that this top is actually something I sewed last year. It definitely could use some fitting to get an even better silhouette, but its definitely still wearable. It has the one thing that I say I don't wear, and you can't even tell, a high neckline! Yup, if I can wear this with a high neckline and look awesome, just imagine how it will look when I redo the neckline. If you're an inverted triangle like me, you NEED this pattern. And Jocole didn't even have to pay me to get me to say it! this fabric is actually from Wanderlust Fabrics, but since it is over a year old, probably not something you'll find there right now.

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  1. You look great! nothing better than a great fitting pair of jeans!


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