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Optical Illusions #4 AKA What to wear

I LOVE making these optical illusion posts. Why? 1- I have a good reason to dress up nice and put on makeup 2- I get to play with outfit c...

I LOVE making these optical illusion posts. Why?
1- I have a good reason to dress up nice and put on makeup
2- I get to play with outfit combinations and then have visual confirmation of which things look good
3- I get to see angles of myself that I can't get with a mirror so I can know whether I actually look awesome in what I'm wearing
4- I get to share my ideas with you!

As always, I'm an inverted triangle. If you're an inverted triangle, you can expect these outfits to look very similar on you. Be sure to always take the time to muslin!

So today's Optical Illusion
I used 3 patterns:
1- Style Arc Wallis Pant in a blue zebra ponte
2- Jocole Leggings in a NEON pink cotton lycra
3- Love Notions La Bella Donna

I also used 1 store bought shirt that I grabbed from my closet. I think its from Old Navy and it is a very simple half button up. I hate the sleeve length on this thing though as it is meant to be 3/4 sleeves, but my t-rex arms means it looks like my long sleeves aren't quite long enough. Whatever.

So First photos: Style Arc Wallis Pants with Old Navy Shirt.
The Wallis Pant have a cool curved design feature and they are SUPPOSED to be able to be made in ponte. I found they didn't sew up they way I expected, but the Style Arc instructions aren't very clear about which fabrics to use. It just says ponte, which is actually kind of vague, because I've gotten ponte from Girl Charlee and Cali Fabrics (4 different types) and they all had different properties. Whatever. I still like the pants after I finished my modifications. I wish I had used a bolder thread for my top stitching. Fabric from Cali Fabrics.

Second Photos: Love Notions La Bella Donna with Style Arc Wallis Pant.
The Love Notions La Bella Donna actually comes with a MUCH higher neckline. I don't wear higher necklines (see Optical Illusions and Choosing the Right Designs for You), so I mashed my favorite neckline (P4P Layer Me Up) onto it. Instant love. The higher dolman sleeve on the LN La Bella Donna makes me look slimmer, which of course I LOVE. the LN La Bella Donna is made in a Girl Charlee Knit Fix Fabric.

Third Photos: LN La Bella Donna and Jocole Leggings.
Try not to blind yourself with this outfit, LOL. Jocole Leggings are my go to for leggings. I am able to make my size straight with zero modifications and I'll always be a fan. Now, while the other outfits were good, this outfit is WOW. Wow isn't always a good thing, but these bright leggings really draw attention to my legs. The bright pink cotton lycra is from Purple Seamstress on facebook.

I wish I had been able to find my black belt, because that may have taken these from good, to awesome. But then again, maybe not. So, which outfit was your favorite? How would you change it up?

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  1. I'm with you, the bright pink bottom really draws the eye down. Great job!

    1. I have to admit, I really like the pink leggings. They make you forget all the things up top, even the bags under my eyes from not getting enough sleep. It helps that I LOVE my legs, so I'm ok with the eye going down. Of course, do the opposite if you don't want people eyeing your legs!

  2. I know you've said you do a FBA on just about every top pattern, did you have to do one for the La Bella Donna? I'm very new to attempting FBAs and I may not have done it right, but my first try at the LBD just didn't result in a good fit. I was wondering if maybe the dolman shape allows enough ease in the bust to not worry about adjusting.

    1. I actually didn't do the FBA with the La Bella Donna. Mostly out of laziness. There is a tiny bit of pulling in the front, but not bad enough for me to justify the time on the FBA. My measurements are over bust 33, full bust 38, hips 38. I made the size medium and graded down to the size small at the hips (that part was super easy). If I had made the size Small, or even extra small I would have had to do the full bust adjustment. Since there is no defined shoulder point, this method works out ok on this style.


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