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5 out of 4 Pajama pants

We have a tradition in our family that all kids get new pajamas for Christmas. In previous years I bought the kids' pajamas. Mostly beca...

We have a tradition in our family that all kids get new pajamas for Christmas. In previous years I bought the kids' pajamas. Mostly because time is limited and I had so much other Christmas sewing to do. This year I've left myself more time and should be able to churn out the 6 pairs of pajamas we need (2 for each girl).

But when I was planning my kids' pajamas, I felt very sad that my husband and I have NEVER gotten to have handcrafted pajamas. So when Jessica of 5 out of 4 Patterns asked me to test the Pajama Pants, I knew this was something I NEEDED to do.

I want to apologize in advance for my less than stellar photos. There's actually a story that goes with it!

Go back in time with me to the actual pattern test and I didn't have the fabric I wanted to sew the pants for my husband. So off to the store I went, where I bought Batman fabric. I thought it would be perfect. Brought it home, and my husband said, "I don't want Batman pants."... WHAT?!!!

He had so many reasons why he didn't want these pants. I listened to his reasons and then said, "That's fine. I will sew these pants, and you'll only have to wear them for pictures." He was angry. He resisted. He tried to convince me it was a waste of fabric. I persisted.

After his muslin, I knew which modifications to make to the pattern. My husband has a big butt, large quads and a small back leg. I started by using the size medium to match his hip measurement. Then I added 1" to the front leg between the hip and knee. I took out 1" from the entire back leg from the hip down.. And last (but not least), I added 1/2" to the crotch depth. I also shortened the pattern piece by 3". My husband is 5'8" tall with a 33" inseam. The pattern includes a "shorten/lengthen" line so use it! Also note that pattern is designed to use "outseam" to determine length, so read through carefully. Please note, that the pants pattern ended up having the crotch depth lengthened, so this adjustment probably wouldn't be necessary now.

The pants are meant to sit at the high hip and be a loose comfy fit. My husband has a REALLY long rise, so while these look like they're sitting really high, they're actually at his high hip.

And while my husband fought me every step of the way, when he finally tried on his batman pants, his first statement was, "These are perfect". He's tried to wear them every day since!

You can get your own copy of the PJ Pants for FREE by using the coupon code available in the 5 out of 4 Patterns Group on facebook.

I hope to get my own pair finished up this week so I can share photos of that one with you too!

BIG NOTE: I definitely could have made these pants without doing a muslin or any modifications. But I knew that my husband was so resistant that I had to make the "perfect" pants. These really will fit without modifications, but as with all things, they can fit "better" if you adjust for your specific body needs.

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