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A Trip to the Nutcracker

Wondering where I've been all week? Sewing as fast as I could for today's great post! There is a LOT of content in today's p...

Wondering where I've been all week? Sewing as fast as I could for today's great post!

There is a LOT of content in today's post so take your time, read the reviews and browse the photos for several different patterns and fabric sources (I'll be sure to mention each one as I go).

For the last 2 years, we've taken my girls to see the Nutcracker right before Christmas. Its a great family tradition. We get all dolled up and then head off to the theater. I even let my girls wear make up for this special day and they just love it.

When I envisioned us at the theater this year, I was thinking a trio of sugar plum fairies. SO CUTE, right? Then 2 days before the Nutcracker my eldest reminded me she won't wear tights or leggings... WHAT?! Ok, so no trio of sugar plum fairies. But still sweet angelic faces and I'm ok with that.

So the base of all these outfits started with the JUST released Max and Meena Yacht Tee. I received a free copy of the pattern in exchange for testing. The timing couldn't be more perfect.

I actually sewed up 4 of these (despite only having 3 kids). I started with a size 7/8 for my oldest going by measurements. The fit was a bit loose but perfect for a pajama, so at least it wasn't a complete waste of time and fabric. Once I moved down a size into their RTW size, the fit was spot on. That said, the boatneck on the version I sewed was still a bit too wide and showed my daughter's undershirt straps. I do know that the pattern was modified for a thinner neck after this version, so I suspect this wouldn't happen in the released version. This was not an issue at all in the smaller sizes.

Please note that while testing, I did not have access to the instructions. I can not vouch specifically for the instructions BUT can say that since I've sewn up the Max & Meena All Ear's Hoodie and can say the instructions are acceptable for a newbie to finish the pattern.

The 3 Yacht Tee's are sewn up in a beautiful cotton/rayon/spandex blend from Cali Fabrics. Cali Fabrics is a new obsession of mine and I'm happy to share their shop with you. They have great ADULT fabrics. There is so much variety here in choices for fabric types and prints. Its nice to not have to sift through 100's of childish prints for a change.

So for my sweet little sugar plum fairies I actually bought the Made For Mermaids Alyssa. As my deadline was quickly approaching I needed fast and easy sewing. The Alyssa is a "no pattern pieces" pattern. All rectangles. The cutting out of pattern pieces was FAST. The ironing, was not, LOL. I probably could have sewn up a lined bodice dress in the same amount of time. That said, all the pieces went together exactly as expected and if you can't print (for whatever reason) this is a great pattern.

And these Alyssa's are so glittery and sparkly. I LOVE the entire line of the Michael Miller Winter Frost fabrics. I bought a little bit of each of the fabrics from Whimsy Quilts and Fabrics and mix and matched them into these beautiful creations.

My only regret today is not getting a great photo of DD1's pants! They were the Simple Life Pattern Company Emilyas. Because my eldest won't wear tights or leggings, the closest thing to "real" pants are these Emilyas. I apologize for no pictures, but just know they get 2 thumbs up from me. :)

And finally a great little photo of my youngest waiting for the show to start.

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