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Christmas PJ's

In our home, my favorite tradition is the kids opening their Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve. As always, my kids have been watchin...

In our home, my favorite tradition is the kids opening their Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve.

As always, my kids have been watching as presents just appear under the tree. I try to wrap things as I can because I think part of the magic is seeing things just appear under the tree. So when I snuck the last 3 gifts under the tree, the girls knew those had to be their Christmas PJ's. I used a different wrapping paper so I could be sure they didn't get mixed in with all the other goodies.

After a long day of playing outside in the 70 degree weather (seriously, where is winter?!) they were excited to open up their Christmas PJ's after dinner. They love comparing what each one got and how they're different and the same. One day they probably won't want to coordinate any more, but for now, matching jammies for all.

Despite a horrible shoulder injury, I'm so glad that I was able to keep this tradition going with homemade jammies. I used my favorite pajama designer Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop. I just love the awesome selection of pajamas that this designer offers. My biggest favorite is the Alex and Anna PJ's. These come in winter and summer and are my constant "go to". Don't get me wrong, these jammies are simple. A snug fit pant and snug fit tee. Yup, nothing fancy here, but its perfect for a quick sew pajama.

DD1 gets a size 7 with a smaller waist elastic. (I just follow the chart for their waist measurement).

DD2 gets a size 6 with a smaller waist elastic.

And while I do love the Alex and Anna's, I just can't sew up the same thing over and over. So to keep things interesting, I used the shirt from the Happy Feet Pajamas and the FREE Bonny Leggings by Made For Mermaids. I used the size 4 for both the shirt and leggings. The elastic were cut with a smaller waist elastic (per the chart). I wanted the leggings to be a little looser (and I also didn't want to recut the pattern in a smaller size), so I went with my 5yo's size 4.

I really enjoy coordinating my 3 girls, so of course I used combinations of 2 fabrics by Funkalicious Fabrics. The first fabric is the Adorable Flying Pigs and then a coordinating red cotton lycra. These were SO easy to work with. Soft and just the right amount of stretch. And I'm so happy I still have more yardage of the blue colorway.

I'm sure my kids are very eager to get up early tomorrow, so for now, Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

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