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Filles A Maman Stylish Slippers

This is a completely unrelated sewing service announcement. If you've spent the last few weeks (or months) churning out gifts for the ho...

This is a completely unrelated sewing service announcement. If you've spent the last few weeks (or months) churning out gifts for the holidays, please take a few minutes to clean out the bobbin area of your machine. A LOT of lint builds up in there and can really mess with your machine. You're welcome. :D

Now for today's pattern review. This year didn't have nearly as many mama mades under the tree as previous years, so this will be my last "Christmas gifts I made for my kids" post. :( An injured shoulder, too much procrastination and more than a few unexpected home repairs kept me from completing my usual Christmas sewing goals. So my usual list that had about 20 things on it got broken down to just 4. That makes me sad. BUT, my kids are so awesome they didn't complain, not once.

So today's pattern is the Filles A Maman Stylish Slippers. When DD2 sent a letter to Santa saying she needed slippers, that went right to the top of my list. I LOVE playing Santa and nothing makes me feel happier than to check one of the boxes off the kid's list. Thankfully she told me this BEFORE Thanksgiving, so I was ready when all the black Friday sales came. I grabbed the Filles A Maman Stylish Slippers Pattern on super sale. And I'm so glad I did.

The pattern includes sizes from kids to adult. And while I only had time to sew 1 pair, I've got my size pattern pieces all cut up and waiting for me. I used scraps from my scrap bin for these. Some orange poly fleece from Hobby Lobby and french terry from Cali Fabrics and Nature's fabrics. I actually grabbed a few scraps out of my trash/donate bag because I realized the pieces were so easy to find in my usual tossed scraps. I LOVE the color blocking on the pattern, but I might cheat next time and hack the patterns to have less pieces. I just love a quick sew.

I did NOT use the non-slip fabric called for in the pattern. Given my crazy schedule, I forgot to order the non-slip fabric (I had it all loaded in my cart and then got distracted) and then didn't have time to run to the store. So they are just poly fleece bottoms, like really heavy duty socks. If this becomes a problem, I'll grab some puff paint and make some "grippies".

So DD2's review of the slippers was pretty meh. I was more than a little bit crushed after working on them for an entire day (this is not a fast pattern). She doesn't like how wide the slipper is. Now that could be 1 of 2 problems. 1- It could be that she has a thin foot, which is true. Or 2, it could be that I ignored the directions, even though I was using a fabric with more like 75+% stretch than the 30% called for in the pattern. What can I say, I'm a rebel!

Now as for the pattern not being fast. Let me add that I had had more than a little bit of wine when sewing these. And I don't recommend sewing while drinking wine with a pattern you've never sewn before. There are a lot of curves to put together (assembling the sole to the upper, etc) and a very tiny seam allowance 1/4". Stick to sewing straight lines when you're drinking. ;)

I will say I feel like there should have been another size between XS and S since the small would technically fit my 3yo and 5yo. The modeled photos are of both of them. Only their feet though, and you can't really tell which is which. I think it may have been better to do 1/2" increments in size in the smaller sizes, but that would have also made for a LOT more sizes. And sometimes, less is more. And really, it is a slipper, so good enough is good enough.

Weather here has been CRAZY warm, but we're finally headed back to winter (I think?). With a forecast in the 40's next week, I'll definitely be needing to sew up my pair. All said and done, I'm glad I bought this pattern. And while DD2 didn't love them, my other girls have already asked when they'll get their pairs. I do suspect that they'll sew up MUCH faster now that I know what I'm doing and I WON'T drink wine and sew this time. :D

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  1. These are cute, I wish my little guy was the slipper wearing type. If you want to add traction, you can use dimensional/puffy paint on the soles.


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