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Patterns For Pirates Boundless

Today's post is a mini review and a lesson in NOT taking photos when you're sick, LOL. I purchased the Patterns For Pirates Boundl...

Today's post is a mini review and a lesson in NOT taking photos when you're sick, LOL.

I purchased the Patterns For Pirates Boundless Dress during their recent epic 10,000 Member Sale. I had been waiting for that sale for a LONG time. I'm glad I waited. But next time, I'm just going to buy the patterns when they release. Less stress and no waiting that way!

So I've been sick basically since before Halloween. Some days are better, some are worse. I'd just like to kick this cold once and for all and move on with my life. I probably could if my kids stopped bringing me new germs.

So, forgive the lack of smiles. And the color in these photos is off. Normally I'd try to play with it, but really, I don't look great in the photos, so trying to fix the color so I don't look orange is probably not worth the effort.

As with all Patterns for Pirates Patterns, the Boundless is well drafted and the measurements are spot on. That made it easy for me to do my full bust adjustment. Next up was shortening the empire bodice to actually hit my empire line. I'm short bodied and long waisted (from natural waist to crotch), so even though I have a large bust, my body length is really short. So I shortened the bodice and then realized I needed to shorten it even more. Short people problems! I actually used the regular knee length cut line on the pattern AFTER I had shortened the bodice for my body. This confirms that I am long waisted, with long hip to knee length.

I sewed this version up in some Girl Charlee Knit Fix Fabric. I REALLY love this fabric and this dress. My one complaint is that for my sloping shoulders, the neckline is just a tiny bit too wide. BUT, that will be an easy fix on my next version. Now, I can't say whether the bit of roundness in the middle is from too much Thanksgiving dinner or if I messed up choosing this style. But I've worn this style before without having people ask me if I'm pregnant, so I'm going to take a good hard look at it in a few weeks and reassess. Also, I'll probably do pleats in the skirt next time because I think they look nicer. We shall see!

Now, I tried to get a good photo of the scooped back, but instead, I look like I turned my head around the wrong way! Whoops. Best I can do. Enjoy (or not, LOL)

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