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Winter Wear Designs Women's Aviator Pants Muslin

Normally I wouldn't share a muslin with you. But I LOVE these pants. These pants are the Winter Wear Designs Women's Aviator Pants ....

Normally I wouldn't share a muslin with you. But I LOVE these pants. These pants are the Winter Wear Designs Women's Aviator Pants. They still need a tiny bit of fitting work, but I'll cover that in a minute.

So, why do I love these pants? They are like sweatpants, only nicer. And while this pair is made up in a simple Poly Fleece, I've seen the tester photos over on the WWD Facebook Page and I know I can fancy them up. So get prepared to follow the WWD Aviator Pants as a blog series. Lets see what fabric can do to a pattern!

So what fitting work have a I done so far? Actually very little. I took in the center back about 3/8" at the seam (so 3/4" total). The rise was actually quite nice for me, but not the low rise the pattern says it is. It fit like a midrise, which is what I wanted anyway. BUT, I have a really short back rise and longer front rise. If you have a larger rise (or bigger butt for that matter), definitely musln the back seam carefully. Now this is actually my second muslin. The first was done in "booty shorts" length so I could check the rise first. That's how I figured out to take in the center back.

I actually made a mistake when I cut this muslin. You see I have large quads (the muscle that runs the front of the thigh). I know I have large quads. I ALWAYS have to add width to the front leg to fit my quads. I forgot to add width to the front leg. This probably wouldn't have been a big deal in a different style of pants with a looser leg and not fleece fabric. BUT, here's where I am. The pants are totally wearable. But they do feel a bit tight in the thigh and my seam lines don't quite line up vertically. I could definitely use a bit of space, especially if I ever plan on working out in them.

So what "signs" are there on the pants that tell me I need more room in the quads? The side seam should be vertical. My side seam is NOT vertical. It makes a nice curvy shape from my hip down the side of my leg to my knee, where it straightens itself back out. Also, you can see on the photos of my butt where there are 2 horizontal wrinkles pointing right at the inside of my side seam. That is saying "I need more space". I'll likely let out the front leg pattern piece only about 1/2" on each side to give my quad room to move.

Please excuse my well loved gym shoes. Its the best I had to wear with these. I'm definitely wishing I had some nice, simple black sneakers. Definitely adding that to my "need" list. I guess owning 8 pairs of boots has finally back fired, LOL.

So look for follow up posts where I sew these up in stretch woven, french terry and even ponte. And please, help me out with shoe ideas! Because the stretch woven and ponte will need something other than boots or black sneakers to really be stylish.

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