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Hailey Bug's Closet Perfect Puzzle Set Take 2, A-line

Today's post includes a little mini tutorial for the Hailey Bug's Closet Perfect Puzzle Set . It does NOT include my review for th...

Today's post includes a little mini tutorial for the Hailey Bug's Closet Perfect Puzzle Set. It does NOT include my review for the Perfect Puzzle Set. You can find that here.

I actually did 2 separate hacks to this dress, so you get 2 mini tutes! Please note that you don't need this exact pattern to take advantage of these hacks. Any well fitting t-shirt pattern will work. if your pattern does not include an empire line, you can draw the empire line approximately 2" below the armscye, straight across your pattern piece. And you do NOT need to make this lined and sleeveless. You could also do a binding along the neck and just curve it into the placket. And add sleeve if that is your preference.

#1- Button Placket. This one was SO easy. To make this style of button placket, you are just going to extend the "fold" line out 1 3/8". This makes a placket with a 1" over hang. Now you will cut the front bodice as 2 separate pieces (left and right). I fully lined the bodice by cutting 4 front and 2 backs. I used a 1/4" seam allowance to attach neckline and armscyes since they're supposed to use binding. I used a 3/8" seam allowance to attach lining and front bodice at the center front. Add buttons, etc and all done.
Bodice pattern from the FREE pattern here:

#2- A-line Dress. This hack is also super easy. You will need your bottom a-line bodice piece AND your dress length flounce. Measure the full length of your flounce pattern piece. Subtract .75" from your pattern piece. Why .75"? This pattern uses 3/8" seam allowances. We need to subtract 2 seam allowances to make sure we get the right length for our pattern piece. Take this length and extend the bottom along the fold line AND the a-line side seam the same length. Use a dress makers' curve to smooth out the bottom hem. You can now use this longer pattern piece to make knee length dresses using your Perfect Puzzle Set.

There you have it. No more buying another pattern to get just a few variations. All you need is a good t-shirt pattern that fits in the shoulders and then you can hack away to get what you need. But we aren't done here! Check back on Thursday for yet another pattern hack for the Perfect Puzzle Set. Tomorrow, a quick peak at a bag pattern I'm working on.

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