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Hailey Bugs Closet Perfect Puzzle Set

If you follow me around on facebook, you'd know that any time anyone asks for a knit dress pattern, I always say Hailey Bug's Clo...

If you follow me around on facebook, you'd know that any time anyone asks for a knit dress pattern, I always say Hailey Bug's Closet Perfect Puzzle Set. Truth is, I've sewn well over 50 of these! And I really love the pattern. I can't believe I haven't shared it with you yet!

The Hailey Bug's Closet Perfect Puzzle set is my Tried and True pattern. What does that mean? It means I've sewn it before and know how it fits in reference to its size chart. I know how this pattern fits my kids and I know that if I use this as my base, I can hack this pattern and get perfect results every time. The reason I really love this pattern though is all the options that come already built in. So what do you get?

4 sleeve options
-Long Hemmed
-Long Cuffed

A color blocked bodice with an empire line as well as a-line body

2 Flounces with options to color block
-Short (for tunic or layering)
-Long (for dress)

Waist band for making skirts only.

And a ruffle measurement for gathering a ruffle all the way around the skirt hem.

Pattern sizes include sizes 12 months through 11/12.

So with this pattern you can make T-shirts, Drop waist tunics, Drop Waist Dresses, Skirts and multiple combinations of layers and colorblocking. I usually make about 7 of these for every season using various combinations of options.

Today, I'm sharing something pretty simple. I used the sleeveless option, simple bodice with no color blocking and a WOVEN skirt. Please note, that the pattern does NOT say whether you can use a woven skirt. I took the risk and it turned out fine. Measure the a-line shirt portion against the full circumference of your child's shoulders to be sure the dress will still pull over their head. Remember that the woven skirt will stretch just a tiny bit because it is cut along that curved edge. The woven fabric I found at Joann's in the red tag bins. The black with silver stripe is a left over piece of my first Girl Charlee Knit Fix. I wish I had more of that fabric.

I will say that the instructions on this pattern make me more than a little bit crazy. You see it is so detailed and sometimes I just want to jump right in. So if you're a newbie, this is the perfect, very detailed pattern for you.  And if you're experienced, skip the instructions all together as there's nothing tricky here.

Check back later this week, because I'll be taking the Perfect Puzzle Set and using it to hack out 2 different views that are easy and really get value out of your pattern.

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