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I'm working on a bag!

Have you been following my blog since the beginning? From the beginning being the Black Friday Posts where I said like 37 times that I don&#...

Have you been following my blog since the beginning? From the beginning being the Black Friday Posts where I said like 37 times that I don't sew bags? Well guess what, sometimes I sew bags, and actually I'm working on 2 bags!

So what influenced me to take on a project that I normally avoid like the plague? The truth is, I read "The Sew '16 Challenge" over at Hungarian Housekeeping. And when I read it, I completely discounted it. I saw how I could cheat the process and complete the task using my usual sews, so I figured it wasn't worth my effort. And then there was another post about trying new crafting projects each month and I thought, if I do that, I won't have time for my sewing projects! So I wrote that one off too. Then I stumbled on a blog (and I regret now not bookmarking it) that talked about how creativity is good for the brain but that we have to keep challenging ourselves. Because if we always make the same things, then we aren't improving or expanding our creative horizons.

I'm a sucker for anything that talks about having a healthy brain. I have big plans to live nearly forever, so I need to keep my brain sharp and so, here I am, pushing my creative process. So February is bags. I WILL complete 2 bags this month. And my big plans for March and/or April, quilting. No, I don't expect to finish a full size quilt in 2 months in addition to my other projects. I do however, think I can churn out a rug mug or some simple place mats using some new to me techniques.

So what 2 bags caught my attention? Free bags of course!

Up first is the Jennuine Designs Plie Bag. To get your free bag, you'll need the coupon code from their facebook group, Jennuine Designs Pattern Group. This is a very simple bag and is going to make the best gift for my friend's daughter's birthday. Its just the right size to carry her ballet supplies and I was able to grab some fabrics from my stash which I hope will look ok... Did I mention I'm not experienced at this?

Of course the simplicity of this bag means I'll probably get this done fairly soon. It wasn't THAT painful to cut out. I did opt for some fusible interfacing though, as I want to be sure my bag will look good and not too saggy.

Next is the Swoon Ethel. Now if you read my Black Friday Posts, you'll remember that I said if I was going to sew a bag, it would be a Swoon bag. The Ethel is FREE and doesn't require any special hardware. It does however require foam lining, so don't forget to take that into account for your project.

So here she is, my big plans for an Ethel. I just LOVE the fabrics I choose and can't wait to actually get this finished. Its all the in between steps that are holding me back! The ironing and cutting out every piece 3-4 times (outer, lining, facing and foam!).Whew. But the cutting is done, so now I've got fusing to do.

I'm actually excited to get these projects done. I know they'll ultimately be items that will last a long time and be usable over and over again. And pushing my brain to try something new is a good thing, even if it doesn't always feel like it. What new to you projects are you trying this month?

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