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Hailey Bug's Closet Perfect Puzzle Set Take 3!

Today's blog post is part 3 in a full series on getting the most of your sewing patterns. And that means another version of the Hailey...

Today's blog post is part 3 in a full series on getting the most of your sewing patterns. And that means another version of the Hailey Bug's Closet Perfect Puzzle Set. Again we have 2 different hacks for you.

Hack #1- Gathered skirt. Yup, everyone loves the gathered skirt, and no, you don't need someone to give you those measurements. How did I do it?

Take your empire bodice (either self drafted or from a pattern). Measure the width of the entire completed bodice. That will give you "front width". Now multiply by 2 to get your entire circumference (front+back). Now multiply that number by 1.5 or 2. I cheated on mine. I didn't measure. I just used width of fabric. That worked out to something like 1.6 times width for my 7 year old. For length, measure from 2" below armpit to where you want the skirt to end. Add in a seam allowance to the top and a hem allowance on the bottom. Finish the skirt portion as usual, gather and attach to your bodice. Done! No more buying patterns because you want a gathered skirt from one or another.

Hack #2- Cross Over Bodice. This is really hard to see in this picture, so I've added another image here of an unmodeled photo so you can see the cross over. This is actually one of the easiest hacks ever!So, what do we need to do to add this hack to our patterns? A picture is worth a thousand words, so check it out.

Step 1, take your 1/2 pattern piece and copy it over the fold line to make a full front bodice piece.

Bodice pattern from the FREE pattern here:
Step 2, either freehand or using your curved ruler, create the crossover by starting at the shoulder and crossing over the bodice to the side seam. Cut out 2 front pieces (mirror) and you have a cross over bodice.

There you have it. You've just made a cross over bodice and you didn't have to pay for another pattern. Given the 4 hacks I've given you so far, I've added 2 more bodices and 2 skirt options. That really adds to the value of your patterns.

Exciting news for next week! Sewing By Ti will be working with Kyema of Art of Oh to bring you a pattern review tour like no other. Starting next Thursday, we will be sewing up women’s raglans to help you compare and contrast all that is out there. This tour is so big, it’ll take us over a month to get through every review. AND our final roundup is going to include a huge fabric bundle giveaway from our sponsors. You won’t want to miss it! So from here on out, just call it Raglan Thursday. :D

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