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Happy Friday everyone. Today's post is a special one. Today is my 101st post! Thank you, thank you. :) I'm so happy to have found ...

Happy Friday everyone. Today's post is a special one. Today is my 101st post! Thank you, thank you. :)

I'm so happy to have found myself committed to this blogging thing and have so many great plans for the future.

I hope everyone has been enjoying Raglan Thursday and so far it has been a great success. People are finding the raglans they need and getting coupons to grab them at great prices. Be sure to continue following along as you may find just the pattern (or patterns) you need. And of course, Kyema and I can't wait for the giveaway. We'll be giving away prize packs of knit fabric from our fabulous fabric sponsors! There'll be chances to win on both Sewing By Ti AND The Art Of Oh so don't miss a Raglan Thursday.

Arranging Raglan Thursday has been a huge undertaking and it slowed down some of my other big ideas, but with the series well under way, I can now share with you what else is to come. Coming in March, I've got a massive series coming to you. I will be sewing up my 7 year old daughter's ENTIRE capsule. Say that again, ENTIRE CAPSULE. It will be 40+ garments, 35+ patterns and over 20 designers. And it wouldn't be an amazing series without coupon codes AND pattern pack giveaways on EVERY post. Yes, this is going to be huge. Yes, I might have lost my mind. I'm calling it my 40 garments in 40 nights series and I'm hoping to complete it in, you guessed it, 40 days. Now of course it'll take me a little more than 40 nights to do all that sewing (which is why the series won't start until March), but I'll present it to you in 40 days, with 1-3 posts every single week. You won't want to miss a single one since there'll be giveaways and coupon codes in EVERY SINGLE POST! Thanks to all my sponsors for supporting me in this endeavor.

And if that isn't enough, I've got another series for you starting next week! Next week will begin the No Fear series. We're going to tackle your fear of knits with a 4 week series and linky party. I will walk you through constructing your very first knit garments and then you will be ready to sew all the things. :D

I'm excited to be teaming up with 5 out of 4 and Nature's Fabrics to present this series. No more sticking to wovens out of fear of knits. Knits aren't any scarier than wovens. They just need a little different kind of love. So every Friday I'll be giving you hints and tips and walk you through your first knit projects. Who should join? Anyone that has worked with a pattern in the past, is familiar with seam allowances and can sew a straight and a curved line on a pattern. You can complete all these projects with a basic sewing machine OR a serger. That's all you need to know! I'll walk you through the rest.

So up first, what pattern am I using for this series? Thanks to 5 out of 4, I am using their Versatility Pattern. This is a tank and pants (shorts, capris) pattern in sizes for women OR kids. So whether you're going to practice by sewing for yourself or for a little one in your life, I have you covered. The Versatility pattern has layers that will make it easy to assemble and is a simple enough pattern that I'm sure we can all follow along. Remember, I will have a coupon code available for you next week!

On to our fabrics. I'm so excited to be working with my sponsor Nature's Fabrics. They sent me 3 yards of fabric for this series and I'm eager to cut into them. AND, they're sponsoring a $25 gift card to Nature's Fabrics at the end of this series! So be sure to participate in the linky party to register for your chance to win.

I've been buying from Nature's Fabrics for many years now. I'm a HUGE fan of their wool interlock and their bamboo fabrics. They have an amazing line of wools and bamboo and those are absolutely decadent and worth every penny. You may notice that their fabrics are a little more expensive than other places, but I can assure you, they're worth the extra price. You may remember me raving about the stretch french terry I bought in this post about my Winter Wear Designs Aviators. Those are still my favorite pants.

With my fabric they sent me a bunch of fabric swatches. The samples they sent me included hemp jersey, wool jersey and a giant stack of bamboo fabrics. Bamboo fleece, stretch fleece, stretch french terry, velour and spandex jersey. Bamboo is amazing fabric and everything they have is so silky and soft. I could pet them all day. You can absolutely buy the bamboo fabrics for these projects and I wouldn't blame you one bit. You'll be wrapped in luxury.

Are you excited to get started? Me too! But I want to be sure I have everything ready for you before we do. So check back next week where we'll talk about what a knit fabric is and what kinds of knits you'll be needing.

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