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40 Garments in 40 Days Week 4

I only have 1 40 Garments in 40 Days Post this week. I'm sure you'll forgive me because the give away is HUGE! Today I've g...

I only have 1 40 Garments in 40 Days Post this week. I'm sure you'll forgive me because the give away is HUGE!

Today I've got 6 amazing patterns for you to check out. And even better than that I've got a fabric sponsor too! Now for the record, I have so far shared, 30 garments with you. Add in these 6 and we're at 36. And we still have week 5 and 6 left. So I've killed my 40 garments in 40 days plan. It'll be more like 47 (or more) garments in 40 days. I just might be crazy... o.O Next year I might aim lower because this is SO much stuff.

Today I present to you:
Cole's Creations Katy Panda Dress
Jocole Faux Wrap Skirt
Koerb Bros Stitch Designs Color Block Raglan
Petit Bebe CreatioNZ Chapsters
Sew Straight and Gather Uptown Downtown Dress
Sofilantjes Hibernis

Up first are the KBSD Color Block Raglan and the Petit Bebe CreatioNZ Chapsters. I've actually already blogged the KBSD Color Block Raglan. I just love that it is more than just all those other simpler raglans out there (not that there's ANYTHING wrong with that). The color blocking is fun. And if I ever recover from sewing raglan over load (you have seen my raglan series, right?) I really want to try the sleeveless version of this pattern. NONE of my other raglans have a sleeveless option!

Petit Bebe CreatioNZ is actually a completely new to me designer. I was looking for one more shorts/pants pattern to go in my series and stumbled upon them on craftsy. I'm very thankful that they were willing to give me a copy of this pattern for my series and for my review here. Now this pattern is supposed to have a super cool curved color block detail. I was going to make it super awesome. When I showed my daughter she was NOT impressed. "That's so not cool mom." Ouch. So instead, I made an all 1 fabric version with really pretty rainbow top stitching. Unfortunately, the top stitching doesn't really show. Darn. My biggest fears when sewing pants is that the crotch curves won't be different front and back and that the pattern won't have separate curves for each size. Thankfully I didn't have to worry about that at all! The pattern pieces went together easily. There were different rises front and back, and different crotch curves. There are multiple length cutting lines and the pants fit perfectly based on measurements. While I don't have  boy, I think these would make amazing pull on swim trunks. This pattern has a slim leg opening which my daughter prefers, without being restrictive around her ample bottom.

I can't wait to make up a really cool color blocked pair that she'll actually wear. I'm sure I just need to find the right fabric.

Up next is the Jocole Faux Wrap Skort and Sofilantjes Hibernis. The Jocole Faux Wrap Skirt has been a favorite of mine since I bought it in a bundle up 2 years ago. Its such an amazing basic and with an amazing size range (nb-14+dolly too!). You don't get a lot of options with this one, but that's ok because it's half off today only. At that price, its a steal. Do keep in mind, you can absolutely use this as a shorts only pattern and it is perfect for that. AND there is a fabulous FREE tutorial for a back patch pocket and inseam pocket too!

I tested the Sofilantjes Hibernis and totally vouch for this pattern. The fact that the parts can be interchangeable with the Nivalis makes it so totally cool. I opted for the side princess seams without the pockets since I was trying to coordinate it with a very busy print. And can I tell you, matching up those side seams were a serious headache. The things we do for love! Oh you couldn't tell that the side panels are 2 separate pieces? That's because I'm awesome. ;)

The last 2 patterns are dresses. And I used my sponsor fabrics for these. Girl Charlee gave me 2 yards of their Girl Charlee Exclusive Fabrics for this blog post. I'm a long time customer of Girl Charlee and I'm more than a little addicted to their Knit Fix Fabrics. If you haven't heard of Girl Charlee you probably also don't have internet and are not reading this blog. ;) But anyway, Girl Charlee has a great selection of really well priced knits. And one of the first shops to have a really extensive collection of hacci knits. It seems they're staying ahead of the fabric trends! So of course picking out my 2 fabrics was SO HARD. It was a bit like a kid in a candy store and I wanted it all. But I did finally break it down to just 2 fabrics that I felt like I couldn't live without. Please note that the teal/black chevron was picked out from my stash. Origin unknown. ;)

So dress #1 is the Cole's Creations Katy Panda Dress. This dress is SO fun. I can think of at least a dozen ways to play with the pattern and it sews up fast since there is no sleeve piece to ease in. I've already hacked it into a top instead of a dress and can't wait to share that here. It comes in sizes 1/2-16, which means we'll be wearing this for a LONG time. This pattern has you sewing the neck and armbands flat rather than in the round. I prefer bands in the round, so I went ahead and did it my way instead. Because of the print, I couldn't put any of the super cute animals on here, but you better believe I'll be adding animals next time! But the photo and fabric preint pretty much say it all, LOVE.

The second dress is the Sew Straight and Gather Uptown Downtown Dress. The Uptown Downtown has SO many options. I was trying to decide which would be best for this fabric and kept changing my mind. Thankfully I only had 1 yard of fabric, so that limited my choices. Otherwise, I'd probably still be trying to decide. The main pattern is an a-line dress with 3 sleeve options (sleeveless, short and 3/4) in sizes 2-10. The FREE add on pack gives you a maxi dress, cowl neck, long sleeve, pockets, tank and a mini tute on how to hack the pattern so you can add a waist band. That's a ton of options from 1 pattern. Please note that the pattern says I needed 1 3/4 yards of fabric for my size 8, BUT, since my fabric was not directional, I was able to squeeze it onto 1 yard. But don't try this at home. ;) (or do, since you're a rebel). I don't think you can get anything much larger than an 8 onto 1 yard. I will say I feel like the neckline is a little low, but my daughter also wasn't quite a size 8. You can see she's got her mama's shoulders so the shoulder fits, but she's also short like mama so neckline too low. I'm sure she'll grow into it very quickly.

Whew. That's a LOT of sews. And they're all so awesome. I'm not sure which one is my favorite.

Of course I've got a great rafflecopter for you, but before you go clicky clicky, let me tell you what deals I have in store for you too! I apologize in advance to the pain in your wallet this may cause. ;)

Cole's Creations is offering a 20% off coupon for the entire store. Code: 20%offall
Koerb Bros Stitch Designs is offering 25% off her entire store with coupon code: 40in40
Jocole has made the Faux Wrap Skort 1/2 off today, Wednesday, March 23. AND from March 24 through March 29, you can get 20% ALL Jocole patterns using code: JocoleLove
Finally PetitBebe CreatioNZ is offering a whopping 50% off all patterns in her shop using code: ty50off

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  1. I like the Only Tee from KB Stitch and the adult Metro pullover from Sew Straight & Gather.

  2. I don't know why I don't have the girls' Uptown/Downtown pattern. I have the women's version and love it, I'm planning to use it for a summer maxi with some hoarded KnitFix fabric.
    So hard to pick patterns, but I think I would choose KB's Off the Cuff shorts and Splendid Slacks.

  3. Can I only pick two?? I love the All Wrapped Up and Ladies Lace Top, but the men's rugged raglan and the only tee are must haves, too. And the colour block kids raglan is a great way to use all my scraps!!

    - Robynne Mills

  4. I need the Uptown/Downtown for both my daughter and me!!

  5. I love the KB hello hi-lo top and the SSG Legends top--I need to sew more for me, and both are great staples!

  6. I have the consou patterns and had planned to sew them up last year but then pregnancy kicked my butt! Other than those two, I'd love to do the legends top and the uptown/downtown dress. Glad to hear good reviews on her - always nervous trying new patterns.

  7. I would definitely want the only tee from kbsd!

  8. I have the consou patterns and had planned to sew them up last year but then pregnancy kicked my butt! Other than those two, I'd love to do the legends top and the uptown/downtown dress. Glad to hear good reviews on her - always nervous trying new patterns.

  9. I'm totally digging all the KB stitch women's patterns, particularly the over under tank and the cuffed shorts.

  10. I love both of those dresses....but so many of their patterns are cute l...

  11. The Legends top and dress from Sew Straight And Gather. That collar is so pretty.

  12. So hard to choose! Love the Cousu Trousers, my little one would rock them! And every time I see those Siren Trousers I have to restrain myself from buying them.

  13. Sew Straigh and Gather's Girls Legends top and dress, and the girl Uptown Downtown dress, would have to be my faves! I sew mostly for my girls :)

  14. I think the Over Under Racer sports bra and tank looks interesting at Koerbs Bro. Stephanie really has some interesting activewear ideas!

  15. I like the only tee and the uptown downtown dress. :)

  16. I like the Metro Pullover and the Legends Top and Dress from Sew Straight and Gather


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