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Building your sewing kit

So I've got good news and bad news here people. Good news first. After the terrifying experience of my husband being laid off, it look...

So I've got good news and bad news here people.

Good news first. After the terrifying experience of my husband being laid off, it looks like we've got a job lined up. Bad news? We're moving.

The move might actually be scarier than being jobless... To manage the move, we'll be selling our house and staying in temporary housing until we find a new place of our own. Why is that scary? I can't take ALL of my sewing stuff with me. PANIC!

So I had to dig deep and start thinking about what I do need to take with me. And that got me thinking, what can I manage with at a bare minimum. All my sewing stuff needs to make the trip with my family in our minivan. Unless I'm going to leave a kid behind at home, space is going to be at a premium. So what do I absolutely need?

#1- Sewing machine. I can't do any machine sewing without a machine.

Optional- If I can fit it, I'd really like to bring my serger too. I can live without my coverstitch machine (but I'll probably opt to not hem a bunch of stuff). I can live with that.

#2- Needles (duh). Both for my machines and for some small hand sewing. Thankfully these packages are so tiny, they'll go directly into the compartment on my sewing machine.

#3- Pins and magnet box. I can't sew without pins. I like glass head 1 1/4" pins. I also need safety pins for threading elastic through casings. And of course a place to keep them off the ground, a magnet pin box. BUT, of all the things I need to sew, this is the one thing I can definitely afford to buy if I can't fit them. However, they're tiny, so they'll probably go with me.

#4- Scissors (obviously the scissors pictured aren't actually mine). I own 3 pairs of scissors that I use for sewing. A tiny pink pair for clipping threads. A blue pair for cutting paper and my big gray scissors that are used for fabric only (failure to comply is punishable by death, or something...). None of these are really interchangeable. So I'll need to pack all 3 pairs. I could buy a pair of paper cutting scissors, but packing 3 pairs of scissors isn't going to take up much more space than 2 pair.

#5- Rotary cutter and mat. I might be spoiled, but I can't imagine hand cutting all my fabric out. So add in my large cutting mat and small rotary cutter.

#6- Thread and bobbins. I have a HUGE selection of threads. Both for my serger and my machines. I have tons of colors. Sometimes I just like looking at them. But I can't bring them all. So, I'll probably put 4 brand new white spools of thread in my serger. Then bring along, white, black and gray thread. Thankfully there is a Joanns AND a Hobby Lobby where we're going, so I can purchase thread as I go. I  can stuff a ton of empty bobbins into my sewing machine compartment.

#7- Seam Ripper. Remember I had an entire post about seam rippers? You better believe its going with me.

#8- Straight Edge Ruler. I have a nice 6" by 24" quilting ruler. Its just the right size for cutting waist bands, neckbands and even full skirt panels. Definitely need that.

#9- Tape dispenser. If you're addicted to PDF patterns like me, you'll know that without tape, you're dead in the water!

There are 2 things NOT on this list. Fabric and Patterns. They will get their own post because #1, they'd take up way too much room on this list, and #2, I need more time to think about what to take with me!

So, help me out. What am I missing on this list? What can you not live without? I've got just 4 short weeks before I need to squeeze all of this into my van (along with my kids, cats and clothes) and I'm more than a little nervous!

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  1. I think your list sounds good! One thing you could do to save space and time would be to pre-cut several projects and transfer all markings before moving. That way you only have the cut pieces and notions for those garments to pack.

  2. Computer, unless you're planning to take a break from buying more pdfs. I'd bring the computer and sewing machine in the van, and ship the rest.

    1. I hadn't even considered shipping the rest. That's a great idea!

  3. Tape measure! Especially for sewing things for kids.

  4. Tape measure! Especially for sewing things for kids.

    1. How could I forget that?! Its so important. Thanks. :)


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