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Making the Cut- Picking My Patterns

Image courtesy of Surachai at Maybe you missed my post last week, but Sewing By Ti is moving. We're leaving ou...

Image courtesy of Surachai at
Maybe you missed my post last week, but Sewing By Ti is moving. We're leaving our home in NJ in just 6 days and headed to beautiful Wyoming.

Now this isn't my first move. Or even my first cross country move. But this is the first move where I won't have access to all of my stuff for more than a week or two.

We haven't placed an offer on a new home yet and we aren't too keen on renting from someone else, so it will likely be at least 30 days (and probably closer to 60) where I won't have access to all of my sewing stuff. The possibility completely terrifies me.

So last week I talked about what tools I needed to pack with me and you can read all about that here.

Today, I'm going to talk about which patterns I actually picked to take with me.

Picking patterns for my kids was easy.

I picked out 3 copies of the Hailey Bug's Closet Perfect Puzzle Set. Sizes 7, 6, and 4. If you've read here long enough, you know that that is my go to pattern for a quick, easy sew. I've blogged it a ton of times. You're welcome to use the search box to see how many different times I've mentioned it.

That's it for kids patterns. Why?
Firstly: because kids patterns don't require printing a lot of pages.
Secondly: kids patterns don't require as much fitting.
Thirdly, I already finished DD1's summer capsule in my 40 garments in 40 days series. So in theory, my kids shouldn't really need much else. So anything further I sew for them is just an added bonus, not a necessity.

For once, I actually have plans to sew for my husband, so I had to pack his patterns. I've actually only so far printed and fitted the Hamptons and the Pajama Pants. That means I'll have to pritn the others when we get there.
#1- Greenstyle Hamptons
#2- Jalie Boardshorts
#3- KBSD Rugged Raglan
#4- 5 out of 4 Pajama Pants
#5-P4P Men's Henley

But then came time to pick patterns for me. EEP. These were important. #1- because once I fit a pattern, I'm not willing to do the fitting work all over again. #2- because these patterns usually require a ton of printing and I didn't want to deal with that during our move.

#1- should come as no surprise. 1 Puddle Lane Miss Ruby Tuesday. I own 5 of these dresses. 5. I would wear one every day. Plus the hacks make the pattern super versatile.  I've blogged it a ton of times. I will continue to sew more of these.
#2- 5 out of 4 X-factor Bikini and Tankini. I am working on a swimsuit post and I'm going to need a top with good bust support. I've got my muslin finished of the Xfactor so that put it on my list.
#3- Colette Sorbetto. I'm still thinking through that side zipper and want to bring this with me so I can try it out.
#4- EYMM Freestyle Harem Pants. If you've never worn harem pants, you are missing out! It is like walking around in your pajamas all day long, except that everyone thinks you look stylish. I definitely need more of these.
#5- Love Notions Hip Hop Tank. I know I haven't shared a version of this one with you yet, but I really love it. And all the built in options make it a versatile pattern.
#6- Love Notions La Bella Donna. This is another pattern with a lot of options. Everyone needs a dolman but I could only bring one, so this was it.
#7- Mouse House Creations Lady Caroline. I am DETERMINED to get a great fitting woven summer dress. I've got a mountain of woven fabrics I'm bringing with because I REALLY want this to work out. I think I'm done muslining, but you never really know until you try it in good fabric. Fingers crossed.
#8- Pattern Emporium Hepburn Shorts. I'll be blogging these on Thursday so you'll get to see all my hard work, but let's just suffice it to say, I got them all fitting the way I want, so now I need at least 3-4 pair.
#9- New Horizons Riviera Raglan. I LOVE the sleeveless version on this raglan, so that means it won out versus all the others.
#10-SUAT Scrundlewear. I still haven't sewn up my official swimsuit for this summer. But I do have all my fabric picked out and waiting for me. I know the scrundies are the perfect FAST swim bottom for me.
#11- Vesta Grail Tee.This is a great fitted t-shirt and I need a fitted swim shirt due to sun sensitivity (don't ask, its complicated). This will be perfect for the zipper hack I have planned.

So you're probably looking at that list and thinking, where are the skirts? Is she going to wear any other shorts? I actually have several really amazing knit skirts from last year. Also, I aside from the Jocole Pencil and the Little Lizard King Petal Skirt, I don't have any other skirts muslined, so I can't bring those. As for the "other" shorts... I don't have anything muslined, at all. But while I'm in sewing limbo, I have big plans to fit the Jocole Skinnies and the P4P SOS pants too. I just won't print those until we get there, as space is starting to get tight.

Also, I REALLY want to find the confidence to sew a simple shift dress. But the last time I tried, resulted in tears. It made me look like a big rectangle, and that wasn't the curvy look I had hoped for. (I suspect that curvy look just won't happen for me in a shift dress because I'm not actually curvy).

I still have 6 days before I leave, so what else am I missing? Please leave me a comment if you think of something i might need!

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  1. I love the uptown/downtown dress by Sew Straight and Gather!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed (and a bit jealous) that you have such a great collection of patterns that fit YOU! Nice work, girl! Wyoming, my husband keeps talking about moving to Wyoming, he says the fishing is wonderful and it's supposed to be absolutely gorgeous there. It's nice to have your sewing to maintain a tiny bit of familiarity while you move. And terrific that the kids have a chance to get adjusted before a new school year. I'm excited for you!!

  3. I love the uptown/downtown dress by Sew Straight and Gather!


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