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The Longest Fast Project Ever: Pollywoggles Jessica Lynn Skirt

This pattern was given to me for review. All opinions remain my own. I have to confess, it has felt like YEARS since my last sew. The real...

This pattern was given to me for review. All opinions remain my own.

I have to confess, it has felt like YEARS since my last sew. The reality is it has been right around 2 weeks. 2 weeks! That's like an eternity.

And worse, this project has taken FOREVER. This SHOULD be a fast project with great results. A good gift for a friend's daughter that you could whip up in an hour (or less).

Before I get to my long story, let me review the pattern.

The Pollywoggles Jessica Lynn is a flat front, gathered back skirt with pockets in sizes 1-10y. This is an amazingly quick pattern with only 1 page to print out. You cut out the necessary rectangles and then the printed page includes your pocket cut out template. I'm talking FAST! And pockets who doesn't love pockets?! Assuming you have all your materials assembled and your cutting mat, iron and sewing machine ready, this should be, from start to finish, about a 1 hour project (or even less!).

Truth is, its taken me 6 days. 6 days! Try not to die on me. I nearly died thinking about it.

So let me say, sewing in cramped quarters without all my stuff is torture. My current situation requires that I take out and put away each item immediately. Between the 8 kids (ages newborn-10), 5 dogs, 2 cats and 4 other adults, there is just no space for crafting!

But I must create, so I persevere!

Day 1- Locate fabric in bins. Realize it is VERY wrinkled. Set it aside.
Day 2- Locate iron and ironing board. Iron Fabric.
Day 3- Set out cutting mat and cut the necessary rectangles for the project.
Day 4- Realize I don't have the pocket pattern page. CHEAT and trace it off of my computer. This was my one stroke of genius. Since the pocket cut out is the only piece you need, and it prints on one page, if your screen is big enough, you can easily trace it. Just zoom in and out on your screen until your 1" square measures 1". Obviously do so carefully so as not to damage your screen. No permanent marker that might seep through your paper, etc. I won't be held responsible for any damage you do to your monitor!
Day 5- Sew a few seams and then press them. This takes forever. My sewing table isn't very stable and I need my sewing machine and my serger to finish my seams. Then I found a location for a standing work station. SUCCESS!
Day 6- Apply elastic to back waist band. Press once more, and done.

Please excuse the wrinkles in the photos. The skirt didn't do so well sitting in a carseat on the way to the park.

So I sewed up the Jessica Lynn in this amazing poplin from Mabel Madison that I've been hoarding and used a matching red polka dot for accents. I am never disappointed in the Mabel Madison Poplins. They press amazingly well and are just great to work with.

As you can see, I made a tiny adjustment to the pattern. I took the pocket cut out and curved the edge. I like the look of curved pocket cut outs, not squares. All I did was take my french curve and made it round.

If you decide to make a curved edge pocket, you will have to clip the seams and press them so that they curve properly. No big deal, just keep it in mind.

Are you wondering what I think of the skirt? LOVE it. This is a great fast pattern for those days when you need/want to make something and you want the fabric to really shine. It doesn't have a lot of fancy pieces and is just a gathered rectangle, but I like the flat front and will make this again. The one thing I would add to the pattern is to edge stitch the top of the elastic casing. If you edge stitch it, it should stop the elastic from rolling in the casing.

Of course, since I liked this pattern, I'm eager to get it into your hands too! Special thanks to Pollywoggles for a coupon code! Use: sewskirts to save $2 off any pattern in the Pollywoggles shop. Expires Wednesday, June 1st!

Stay tuned tomorrow for when I talk about the super adorable Sew By Pattern Pieces Fun Tee (paired here with the Pollywoggles Jessica Lynn).

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  1. Adorable! but what a journey!

  2. Wow - I hope you get settled soon, and have a dedicated sewing space in your new home. In a few weeks, I'm going to be spending 2 weeks in a motel with my two dogs while my husband is on a work assignment. I'm plotting and planning what machines I can squeeze into the car, and hoping I can get several projects pre-cut before we leave. I am DREADING it! Any advice?

    1. My best advice is to cut as many things in advance as possible. Also, pack a few ready to go patterns in case you get bored and want to sew something different.


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