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June is for Dads: KBSD Rugged Raglan

Its another week of June is For Dads and I've got another giveaway and a coupon code for you! WOOT! Sewing for my husband had actua...

Its another week of June is For Dads and I've got another giveaway and a coupon code for you! WOOT!

Sewing for my husband had actually been going surprisingly well. I've got another great post for you next week, but the shirt for today was a challenge.

Let's start at the beginning.

The shirt I'm talking about is the KB Stitch Designs Rugged Raglan. The Rugged Raglan comes in sizes 34-56 (chest) and is drafted for a 6' man. It has 2 fits (straight and slim) and has one of the coolest color block options I've ever seen in a raglan.

I want to say, for the record, the last thing my husband needed was another t-shirt. He's got a giant bin full of t-shirts that have sat in storage for the last 2 years. That doesn't even count the t-shirts that he has in regular wearing rotation. But let me take a step back here. 99% of these t-shirts are from college. And while I still consider myself young, college was more than a decade ago. And we aren't talking about really cool t-shirts either. We're talking about t-shirts with holes, stains, and that have worn so thin that it would be obscene if I wore them. o.O The only thing keeping people from thinking my husband might actually be a homeless person is that you can tell he's showered recently.

So, while he doesn't need t-shirts, this man NEEDS t-shirts. And he's even promised to throw some of the old ones away if I can replace them with really cool ones. Mission Accepted!

So, I sewed up the size 38 straight fit for my husband. Lets just put this nicely and say, my husband is definitely not 6' tall. So I matched up another shirt that I knew fit him fairly well, and started out by taking 3 1/2" out of the shorten/lengthen line. I opted for the straight fit, because despite his great build, my husband won't wear snug fitting shirts. I'm hoping to change his mind, but that might take a little more time. Baby steps.

As soon as I finished he shirt, I knew it wasn't going to be the success I had hoped for. The neckline was high. REALLY high. My husband has a pretty big aversion to anything tight. Even though I knew he wouldn't like it, I had him try it on. Yup, fail. That neckline was definitely too high. The rest of the fit, IMO, looked great.

So I cut off the old neckline and calculated in a new neckline using the neckline measurement times 0.85 +seam allowance. MUCH better.

He did not agree. :/ He complained, as I expected that the shirt was too tight. For the record, I do think we could go up maybe 1/2 a size for his shoulders, but it really does look ok. BUT, after wearing the shirt all day (I sure don't wear shirts I hate all day), he said, it was just that he had to get used to it. He actually loves it. YAY!

As much as I LOVE the color block on this shirt, for my first round (and essentially a muslin) I opted for the simplest version. I used some AMAZING fabrics from You Made Something. These are their 12 oz knits that are 95/5 Cotton Spandex. When I first received the knits, they didn't feel "that" different from the 8 and 9oz cotton/lycra I'm used to working with. But after washing and sewing them up, I can definitely feel the difference. The heavier weight of these fabrics make a smoother silhouette without showing as many lumps and bumps. And while they're heavier weight, they don't feel heavy. I could see them being especially useful in kids clothing and men's t-shirts since my husband likes a heavier weight fabric for his shirts. They're SUPER well priced and come in a huge selection of colors.

This was actually the first time I've worked with You Made Something and I was really happy with the quality. If you haven't yet, you should go look at their custom print fabrics too. What an amazing selection of beautiful colors and prints. And I absolutely adore their selection of rainbow dots and stripes. I'm sure it will take me quite some time to pick out fabrics for my next projects! And if you'd like to give them a try too, I've got a coupon code. YAY! Use code: fabric5792 to save $2.50 off of any order over $15. And don't forget to join their facebook group, as they do regular giveaways too!

I want to send a special shout out to KB Stitch Designs this week, because they're offering you a coupon code for 25% off the ENTIRE shop AND you can register below for a chance to win a copy of the KB Stitch Designs Rugged Raglan. Use coupon code: junedad to save 25% until July 1st!
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  1. I would probably sew the men's brush it off polo and henley! Love the patterns!!

  2. Thanks for the post! Of all the PDF men's patterns I've been looking at I like KBSD and really want the Polo/Henley. Thanks for the heads up on the raglan! I have a horrible habit of serging and topstitching before trying on So that's a good reminder not to.

  3. My husband is also very picky and lately he's been wearing the same two raglans at least twice a week each. I was also thinking of making him a couple, just to give those two a rest.

  4. Thanks for sharing your review of the Rugged Raglan. I am realizing that sewing for the man in my life is a totally different ballgame! My hubby actually prefers a smaller neckline, so this is very useful information.

  5. I need to make my husband some pants with that slacks pattern. They look perfect!

  6. About to make a tie out of Seahawks fabric for my sweetie for Father's Day. And it makes me laugh out loud regarding how PICKY men are with their clothing...

  7. My husband is 6ft 4in tall, and clothes are hard to find for him. I'd definitely sew him some shirts and pants.

  8. Sewing for my husband is not something that I have done. Maybe if I win I can make him this shirt. Thanks for your reviews.

  9. I'm just venturing into sewing for boys that are men's sizes just not tall enough yet. So far it's been t-shirts and pajamas but I'm looking to try new things once I see how these fit (they don't live close to me).

  10. My husband is in dire need of some new tees, but doesn't like thin ones,a and that seems to be all we find lately...looks like the Raglan would be a great pattern to try for him!

  11. The rugged raglan resembles righteousness!


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