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Sew Baby Sew- New Horizons Monkey Leggings

I have to admit, I'm having a little bit too much fun with this series. :) I'm well ahead of schedule, so I can guarantee I've g...

I have to admit, I'm having a little bit too much fun with this series. :) I'm well ahead of schedule, so I can guarantee I've got posts for you for the next several weeks. YEAH!

Today I'm going to talk about a alternative to the Max and Meena Maxaloones. You might remember I used the Maxaloones to talk about how to use the free pocket pattern piece that is available in the Max and Meena Facebook Group. When I made those pants, I wasn't pregnant. I gave them away as a gift. I am seriously regretting it. I mean, how cute were those pants?! <sigh> I'm sorry, its probably just the hormones. ;)

ANYWAY, the Maxaloones are a little stroke of genius. They're a one size baby pant from birth (ish) to about 18 months give or take depending on the chunkiness of your baby. Great idea. One problem, I like to have LOTS of things of choose from. If I use the maxaloones I will make 7 pairs of pants and have to make 21-35 shirts that coordinate. That means only using 7 coordinating type prints. That means all sizes from newborn to at least 12 months will be the same prints, remixed over and over. That would make me a special kind of crazy. BUT, if you're in a time, fabric, money crunch, or just really like things that are all the same , sew up the maxaloones. They're a solid, quick sew with acceptable results, ESPECIALLY if you use cloth diapers but even if you don't.

BUT... if you like sewing and making lots of new combinations and having fun things to sew, I've got an equally cute, but sized option for you. I'm talking about the New Horizons Cloth Diaper Monkey Leggings.

Before I get into talking about the pattern, I want to explain something. There are 4 different New Horizons Monkey Patterns. There is the Monkey Leggings, Monkey Pants, Cloth Diaper Monkey Leggings and Cloth Diaper Monkey Pants. This specific review is for the Cloth Diaper Monkey Leggings. I also own the Cloth Diaper Monkey Pants, but will review those at another time. So, whether you use cloth or disposable diapers, you'll be covered. The patterns cover size 0-3 months through 4T-5T (but intended to be worn without a diaper).

So back to the pattern. When you purchase the leggings pattern, you get the leggings pattern which includes both a fitted leg and a loose fit leg. And, you get a short tutorial on where/how to cut the pant leg and add a leg cuff instead of a hem. I've made a pair of both the loose fit leg and the cuffed loose fit leg. While I love the look of babies in leggings, I also know that my husband gets frustrated trying to put pants back on those little babies and leggings will definitely be more challenging. Especially when it feels like you're changing diapers every 5 minutes.

Left Carters. Right Monkey Leggings
I do have a single pair of baby pants in size 0-3 from Carters. My youngest 2 wore these same pants within a few days of birth, so I feel confident this is a good size to start with. For reference, I have placed them next to and on top of each other so you can compare the size. I would say the 0-3 size is identical to the 0-3 Carters size. That will make it easy to go size by size up from here, knowing what is similar to what. Please note the leggings pattern is intended for a 4 way stretch fabric. If you want to use something with less stretch, definitely go with the Monkey Pants, not the Monkey Leggings. I will say, these 2 pairs are pretty boring. But they're meant to be worn with any of the dozen onesies I have, so I'm trying to keep it simple (for now anyway).

Top Carter. Bottom Monkey Leggings
Overall, sewing up these pants is fast and easy. The tutorial recommends clipping the seam allowance before sewing in the bum circle. I opted NOT to do that. I did top stitch. My fabric eased into place ok, but it would have looked a little smoother if i had clipped the seams. Despite knowing that, I'll probably still not clip it, but will still top stitch.

Top Carter. Bottom Monkey Leggings
The one adjustment I did make to the pattern was to switch from a cased waistband to sewing the elastic straight onto the pants. The original pattern calls for turning a casing at 1 1/4". I trimmed off 1/2" to get rid of the excess for turning and attached my elastic directly to the seam. Worked perfectly.

All in all, I've got another 3 pairs to make in this size. Thankfully I have plenty of store bought onesies in this size so I only need a few regular t-shirts until baby's umbillical cord falls off. But, 3 pairs will be easy, since these took me about 30 minutes and I'm sure I could sew them WAY faster if I stopped getting distracted!

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  1. Loved seeing your post today! I check in often just in case you've returned. Nice monkey leggings.

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    1. Thanks for checking up on us. I'm hoping to have something interesting in a few weeks.


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