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100 Yards in 100 Days

Its been a rough few weeks around here. For anyone that missed my Facebook Post , we lost our baby boy, Quinn on October 26th, at 15 weeks g...

Its been a rough few weeks around here. For anyone that missed my Facebook Post, we lost our baby boy, Quinn on October 26th, at 15 weeks gestation. Recovery both mentally and physically has been hard.

And I can't promise that things are actually better (they're really not), but I do know that sewing is my love and a full week of bedrest meant I was eager to get back to my pretties. On October 29th I found a great facebook group to get me out of my "no blogging, no sewing" slump. The group is 100 yards in 100 days. Some people might think that sewing through 100 yards would be difficult or that they don't even have 100 yards of fabric. I can assure you, I can sew at least 1 garment a day AND that I have way more than 100 yards of fabric hanging around. o.O Plus if I sew through 100 yards of fabric, surely I can justify buying 100 more yards of fabric! Yeah, fabric! :D

I'm sure I'll be easing into things in the next few weeks, but I know me and I know, without a plan, things are going to get away from me, FAST. And with family birthdays and Christmas around the corner, I need a good solid plan to get me sewing as fast as I can, clearing out the stash.

So, some ground rules (for me, there's no ground rules from the group).
1- No buying more fabric to complete the challenge. Yes, I will splurge on Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals, but only if I keep up with my 1 yard a day. If I don't have at least 25 yards sewn, then no new pretties. I figure that should keep me on task.
2- Alternate sews for me with sews for others. Yes, I have tons of gifts to make, BUT, this needs to stay fun, so its best to alternate what I HAVE to sew with what I LOVE to sew.
3- No skipping details. I will hem all garments, add all details and NOT skip things like pockets. I've spent WAY too much time not sewing pockets out of pure laziness. But I like pockets on my clothes, so sew the pockets, the hoods, the appliques and definitely do at least 1 Heat Transfer Vinyl
4- Keep it fun.

To keep me accountable, you can check out my progress on this google spreadsheet. I started sewing on November 4th and have already gone through 30.5 yards of fabric, and I haven't even finished my sewing for today!

On to the inspiration!

Things for me:
-Dr. Who Leggings (yes, I'm being THAT specific. I have my fabric and my pattern. Just need to do the sewing work)
-Dr. Who Patterns for Pirates Slim Fit Raglan with hood and kangaroo pocket. It makes me happy inside just thinking about it!
-Fancy Dress for Christmas Party. I have tentative plans to make The Rosie Dress by Sew Over It. A dress by a designer I've never used before that uses boning which I've also never used before (aim big, right?). It'll involve a fair amount of muslining, so that'll move my used fabric total right along.
-If my fancy dress doesn't quite work out, I've got the Love Notions Tessa that I know I can throw together quickly in a sparkly fabric.
-Joggers. I need ALL the joggers. What can I say, I'm a stay at home mom and joggers are part of my momiform. My favorite pattern right now are the Plain Pants by Duck Butt Designs. Firstly because they're free. Secondly because they fit my crotch curve beautifully. Basically they make my butt look good and that makes me very happy. Plus, FAST FAST FAST.
-Long Sleeve T-shirts. Between the Love Notions La Bella Donna and the Patterns for Pirates Layer Me Up, I should be covered for fast, comfy t-shirts to pair with my joggers (#FTW). But of course I'm a little insane, so I'm also going to be blog touring with Sew By Pattern Pieces
-A new wallet. I bought the Swoon Eloise Wallet in April 2014. I've NEVER sewn it. Its November 2016. I will admit that Swoon did retire the Eloise because it was too "difficult". That's ok, I only want the outside tri-fold portion anyway, so there will be no problems there.

It is SO easy to think of all the things I want for myself. Now for gifts <sigh>:
-Dr. Who Patterns for Pirates Jolly Roger Raglan for my Whovian eldest. This will definitely get an HTV on it with something clever (you'll just have to wait and see).
-Christmas PJ's for my 3 girls in the Frozen Fabric I bought. They'll be made from Sew By Pattern Pieces Fun Tee and the Bella Sunshine Design Bow Tie Leggings (2 leggings, 1 slim fit pants).
-Mermaid Tail Blankets from Made For Mermaids. With 8 little girls between my brother and I, this is a great, fast, easy project to churn out some Christmas goodness. Fun, warm and practical (what can I say, I'm a practical person).
-2, maybe 3 Thanksgiving dresses from the Simple Life Pattern Company Ayda Pattern. This will be the first year where we will be having a big family Thanksgiving in many years. I think it would be really fun to take the opportunity to dress up. My eldest might scoff at us pretty princesses (I won't force her to dress up), but I plan on making my younger two look adorable.
-A french terry Patterns for Pirates Henley for my husband. Like I promised, I'm going all out. Henley Neckline. Hood. Thumbholes. I'd make the hood lined with Dr. Who fabric, but he's not a Whovian. :( Maybe he'd like Tsum Tsum's instead? Fingers crossed I find something better in my stash. ;)
-A taggie blanket for my youngest niece. What baby doesn't love a good taggie toy?

So, what projects are you working on? Are you shocked to see how much fabric I've used? What does your holiday gift lists look like?

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