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Prepping for Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales- Pattern Edition

If you remember last year, I nearly broke the internet with my brief review of every singly company that had a Black Friday Sale. Don'...

If you remember last year, I nearly broke the internet with my brief review of every singly company that had a Black Friday Sale.

Don't get me wrong, it was fun to browse through EVERY SINGLE DESIGNER, but OMG. At the end, I was ready to never look at another sale again. At least for a whole week. LMAO. Further, I have big plans NOT to buy a ton of patterns this year. So I'm making and sharing a list with you my sewing friends. I expect you to hold me accountable!

I've been building up a shopping list since the big sale from Love Notions and Patterns for Pirates a few weeks ago. So I know I won't have to go back to those 2 designers. Firstly, because I now own EVERYTHING they have. Secondly, I know P4P won't be doing a Black Friday Sale. <Whew>. That takes a big chunk out of my purchases.

So, what do I need?
Twig and Tale Ladies Pixie Coat and Pixie Pea Coat- I've been looking for the perfect no fuss coat pattern and this is it! Front, back and sleeve pattern pieces. A choice of hat and I can add in the Wild Things Hood, which I'll be able to use for my daughter's coats. Yes, I have the Bella Sunshine Design Gabriella, but that coat is NOT fast. I can probably print, tape and sew the entire Pixie Coat in the time it would take to just tape up the Gabriella! And in order to churn out the number of things I need to make, I need patterns that go together fast!

Paprika Jade Skirt- I've been eyeing this pattern since it first came out. Its just a piece of beauty. AND, I know she's having a sale, so you better believe I'll be finally grabbing this skirt. And in case you weren't sure, I also have the Jasper and I love it. So I'm confident that the drafting is good.

Other "possible" purchases:
Rad Patterns First Crush Swimsuit- This swimsuit has a TON of options and I really like to be able to make a nice swimsuit before summer. Thankfully I have until June or July before I could realistically wear this one. But why pay more later if it goes on sale now?
Shoeology's Women's Slouchy Boots- I ended up at this pattern due to some recommendations in the Capsule Wardrobe Sewalong Group. I can honestly say I don't have anything even remotely like this. If it goes on sale, I'll be sure to snatch this up.

There's a pretty good chance the next 3 WON'T have a sale because they're based out of the UK, but I'll be keeping an eye out just in case.
Charlie Dress by By Hand London OR Rosie Dress by Sew Over It. These 2 dresses are similar but not the same. The Rosie uses boning, which I've never sewn before, but I sure would like to try. Plus, I know my husband's winter work party will be in January, so I need to decide soon!

Dressy Talk- Peplum Top- I'm curious to try out a woven peplum pattern and found this one as I was browsing. The size range is more limited, but I'm still open to trying it.

So talk to me, what are you buying? Should I be adding it to my list? I want to know!

*** I'm waiting to hear back from designers about using their photos (I can't photograph something I've never sewn before).

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  1. Thanks for the tip on Jade!! I snatched it up... hopefully to sew.... soon :)


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