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Christmas Gifts For Your Favorite Seamstresses

I apologize in advance, but today's post is a bit duplicitous. Let me explain. It is 1 part, list of good gifts to add to your Christmas...

I apologize in advance, but today's post is a bit duplicitous. Let me explain. It is 1 part, list of good gifts to add to your Christmas list. It is 1 part a good list to just share with your friends so they buy you the right gifts. But the duplicitous part is this is a good gift for MY friends to read to buy me gifts. :D

So today's post is 1 part of pinterest board and 1 part me telling you why you need these things. :) Rather than fill the post with 1 million links to different things, just hop over to the pinterest board and browse.

Please note, I did not pick pins based on whether you could buy the item there, so you'll still have to do a little shopping, but you should be able to purchase most of these things at Joann's and ALL of them on Amazon.

A smart shopper would either discuss these items with their recipient or sneak into their sewing room and look to see if they see any of these items around. For example, if you see a Silhouette Cameo, then you know you don't need to buy another one! BUT, if you can't take a look around, first I will list things that EVERY seamstress can use more of.

For reference, I have used the gender specific "she" but I am very well aware there are men that enjoy this hobby too. So I'm not trying to exclude anyone. Just trying to keep my writing straight.

Gifts for EVERY seamstress:

Wonderclips. These are meant to replace pins for holding fabric together. Let me say that they don't replace pins, but they are SUPER useful.

A pin cushion and pins. Even if your seamstress already has 2 pincushions, she can still use another one. 1 at each of her machines, 1 at her ironing board. 1 to take with her on trips. 1 for extra pins. Who knows, but you can't go wrong with a pin cushion and more pins.

Thread. If you know your seamstress's favorite thread, here's a chance to shine and buy them a few spools. If you aren't sure, go with white, black and gray. Everyone needs those. But if you want to do something more, perhaps pick up a pretty metallic thread or a combo set. If you aren't sure, I've started a new love afair with Gutermann Mara 120 thread. Its a little more heavy duty, but not heavy and great for every day use.

Paper and tape. If your seamstress is into PDF patterns, a ream of paper and a box of tape is actually a VERY thoughtful gift. All seamstresses can also use paper for tracing. Personally, I buy rolls of paper from IKEA because then my kids and I can share. But other options include wax paper, Swedish tracing paper, ends of newspaper printing rolls, doctor's office rolls, butcher paper and there is even "pattern paper" you can buy. All would be appreciated.

Frixon Gel Pens. Erasable Gel Pens are supposed to be THE way to mark fabric and not leave marks. They're not perfect, but they sure are nice. They're nice for tracing patterns too, so I highly recommend them.

And for those with a smaller budget, I like using Crayola Washable Markers too. Not as fancy, but they get the job done. ;)

Other good options. Needles, all kinds. Whether you buy a package of sharps (for hand sewing) or several types of machine needles, they won't go unused. If you aren't sure what to buy, I mostly use 80/12 Universals and 80/12 Ball Point/Jersey needles.

A new seam ripper. Seam rippers get dull. its a sad fact of life. So they do need replaced. Most seamstresses forget to replace their seam rippers and then when they go to use them, they're dull and involve extra cursing. I do have a recommendation for a specific seam ripper. It is the Dritz Seam Fix Seam Ripper. I found mine at Walmart, so I bet you could find them just about anywhere.

Finally, Washaway Wonder Tape and fabric glue. These two help hold tricky pieces in place and make difficult projects MUCH easier. Plus, they're cheap, so use them to fill up a stocking. :)

Ok, so whether your seamstress sews quilts, clothing or crafts, the above items are really helpful. But let's say you know your seamstress a little better (or can look in on their sewing area). Here's a nice list of things to add under the tree.

Silhouette Cameo. This little gadget allows you to cut fabric, paper, vinyl, etc to shape. Whether you use it to precut alphabet letters, t-shirt designs OR to precut a bunch of tiny doll clothes, it is definitely a fun little toy to add to the sewing room. It is also a little expensive, so the perfect gift for someone that you really think deserves it. ;) (I already have one, don't worry about me).

And of course, if you give her a Cameo, she'll want some Heat Transfer Vinyl to go with it. I'm partial to Siser Easy Weed, but beggers can't be choosers. Also, replacement blades and a new cutting mat wouldn't hurt either.

Other really fun gifts. An automatic bias tape maker. I've had my eye on one of these for years. I saw one once on ebay for $20 and didn't buy it. I'm still kicking myself for that one. Whether you get an automatic bias tape maker or not, you can't go wrong with a nice set of bias tape makers (you would use these with the automatic bias tape maker, so they won't go to waste.

A ham and a clapper. NOT this kind of ham, LOL. A sewing ham allows you to iron nice curves. It makes a very professional seam, so worth the investment. Also, a clapper. I know it looks like a piece of wood, and it really is. If you're handy, you could make a fancy one. If you're not, they're $25 on amazon.

The next things require a bit more knowledge. So be sure to look carefully on shelves and in drawers.

Seamstresses need rulers. Tons of different kinds. Most seamstresses need at least:
1- 6"x24" quilting ruler. This is great for cutting straight skirts, bands and bindings, etc.
2- 1"x12" quilting ruler. This is great for measuring out seam allowances, hems and making small adjustments on patterns.
3- A french curve. A french curve is both a ruler and an alteration tool. I prefer plastic french curves because you can see under them. There are 2 sizes, adult and kids, so consider whether you need a different size than what you see.
4- A flexible curve ruler. 36" preferred.

A quilter will need even MORE rulers. There are fun triangle shaped rulers (of tons of types), curves, diamonds, honeycombs and specialty patterns too (I saw one for a pineapple!).

And to go on all those rulers, some Quilters Slip N Grips. These are inexpensive (just $5) and make any ruler non-slip. And of course, it wouldn't hurt to provide a way to store those rulers. Most of them come with a hole that they can be hung up from. They also sell ruler "racks". You could probably make one too.

The next 3 go together. Cutting Mats, rotary cutters and blades. For cutting mats, aim for at least 24X36, but honestly, bigger is better here. I'd like one that was at least 48" wide, since it would better fit adult's clothing, especially maxi skirts. My preference for rotary cutters is both the 45mm AND the 28mm. Yes, I absolutely use both. And of course, purchase replacement blades, as nothing sucks works than trying to use a dull rotary blades.

As an aside, I've never tried those blade sharpeners. I sure would like to though. <wink wink>

Finally the piece d resistance. The one thing you can never have too much of...


Now I've heard much talk about both Gingher Brand Scissors and Kai Scissors. I'd LOVE to do a head to head competition between the two. But sadly, don't have a pair of either. You can never have too many pairs of scissors though, so don't hesitate to buy a pair for me your favorite seamstress!

So let's say you want to buy something nice, but just can't decide. I know I wouldn't turn down a good gift card.

Sewing/craft specific options I could really use:
Purple Seamstress

If you have access to their paypal, you can find their favorite fabric shops too. Happy Gifting.

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