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Black Friday, Patterns You Need Edition

Were you worried that my short list of "to buys" would hold you back from getting just what you need this Black Friday? I'd ne...

Were you worried that my short list of "to buys" would hold you back from getting just what you need this Black Friday? I'd never do that to you!

Before we get started, I can neither confirm nor deny whether each of the designers/patterns listed below will be on sale. I also cannot guarantee that the patterns I have picked and love will work best for you. But if something I love has an alternative that may work better depending on your body shape, I'll be sure to mention that for you.

I've broken up my must haves between Women, Men and Girls. Some of my girl's patterns will also work for boys. I'll be sure to leave asterisks next to those. Please read carefully as I have linked reviews where I have them ready.

Every woman should have a favorite plain t-shirt, dolman and raglan. My favorites:

Patterns for Pirates Layer Me Up (review). This is the standard fitted t-shirt. I know not everyone loves a fitted t-shirt. That's ok! Other options include the Deer and Doe Plantain (free). And my secondary favorite the Sew By Pattern Pieces Ladies Fun Tee (review). If the LMU and LFT had a baby, they'd make my perfect t-shirt. Until that happens (I don't think it would ever actually happen), going to mash the shoulders and bust from the LFT with the tunic length from the LMU.

Patterns for Pirates Slim Fit Raglan. The thing about raglans is they have to be drafted for your right body shape. Many of the favorites of other people create a huge wedge in my front shoulder seam that I have to pinch out. Another runner up for me is the Greenstyle Centerfield Raglan. Both patterns have add on packs that include hoods and cowls. I'm not sure how I've never blogged these, but you can check out my complete Raglan review posts here.

Love Notions La Bella Donna (review) is my go to dolman pattern. It has the best fit for me and the most options without having to purchase add ons. You can check out the review for the full Diving into Dolmans series.

Confession time. I'm a SAHM. I've homeschooled my kids day in and day out for the last 4 years. I've completely downgraded to leggings and joggers for 90% of my wardrobe. Unfortunately I haven't blogged these patterns yet, but I can confirm that if you have a smaller butt like mine, you'll appreciate the crotch curve on these.

Duck Butt Designs Plain Pants (joggers). The DBD Plain Pants are a super simple jogger pattern, with the perfect crotch curve for me. I use the maternity height waist, and it fits great on my petite body. You can grab the DBD Plain pants for FREE with the coupon code in their facebook group. I'll eventually chop up the side seam to add pockets, but I'm just happy to not have to adjust a crotch curve.

EYMM Get Moving Bottoms (leggings). I actually snatched these up as part of one of their $0.99 Manic Monday Sales. I figured I could sacrifice a little fabric since the pattern was less than $1. Precisely as described, these are more a compression legging than a relaxed, lounge around the house leggings. So, as described I sized up for each part in the pattern. Turns out my calves are bigger than average, so actually had to size up 4 sizes in the calf to get a comfortable fit.

If you're a long time reader, you already know what I'm going to say in this category. Say it with me:
One Puddle Lane Miss Ruby Tuesday. Oh, yes, I love that pattern. Tons of back/front neckline options. A bunch of sleeve lengths and all the pattern hacks a girl could want. I've blogged this pattern no less than 5 times. Yes, 5. Here's one. You can search for the rest on your own.

When it comes to skirts, I really only wear pencil skirts. And even better, I prefer free pencil skirts. Who doesn't love free patterns? So my go to pattern is the Itch to Stitch Lindy Petal Skirt. If you have a curvy butt, you might like the Patterns for Pirates Pencil Skirt (free through their Facebook Group Code).

Outer Layers:
I've been having fun with layers lately.
New Horizons Harbor Hoodie is a fabulous tie front hoodie that can be made in poly fleece. That's really good because it gets crazy cold here. I've made 3 of them already with a plan for a 4th (and maybe a 5th). #1 is a sleeveless poly fleece hoodie. 2nd is a french terry hoodie (looks like a robe and so warm and fuzzy). 3rd is my super awesome Dr. Who poly fleece Color Block collared version. My last will most likely be a double layered poly fleece version. I'll need to get on that soon, because it is crazy cold!

Peekaboo Pattern Shop Cambridge Cardigan (review). Just as my review says, this is a duplicate of one of my favorite RTW sweaters. It has all the right lines to pair with my favorite winter tops. Plus it goes together remarkably quickly.

5 out of 4 Women's Ascent Pull Over (review). I made this last year and it is still very much in my rotation (even if it is now a bit too big). Fuzzy warm happiness. And if you're looking for a challenge the zipper and collar can probably teach you a new skill (and love for wonder tape!).

And I'm done with women patterns. Thankfully men and girls goes WAY faster.

I have to admit my husband doesn't often admit that he loves what I sew. I haven't worked up the courage to make his nice work clothes, but as you can probably tell above, I'm the queen of knits!

Patterns for Pirates Men's Henley (review) If you need one pattern that can do a bunch of things, this is a good one to get started. You can make a crew neck, henley or henley hoodie. I'm a little bit addicted to henleys now that I've perfected the process.

KBSD Rugged Raglan (review). This raglan fits really well with my husbands very squared off shoulders. I wish there was a hoodie add on or something, but overall I couldn't be happier. I will say the pattern is REALLY Long (drafted for someone 6') so I had to remove a lot of length. Also, my husband didn't like how high the neckline was, but that is a super easy fix. Its the closest thing we've gotten to a perfect fit and I have to admit I like it.

Since I stick mostly to no fuss clothing, the 5 out of 4 Pajama Pants (review) is the perfect pants for my husband and they're free. I've made them in both quilting cotton and poly fleece. He loves them both equally, even though he originally said, "I don't need pajama pants."

Again, 5 out of 4 has the Men's Sierra Fleece Pull over (review). My husband has been wearing 1 or the other of his two pullovers nearly every day. Pretty sure that means I did a good job.

My girls wear 4 kinds of shirts.

Sew by Pattern Pieces Fun Tee (review). The puff sleeves draw my girls back every single time. I can't blame them, they're super cute!

Jolly Roger Raglan (review) *. This is by far my eldest's favorite shirt. She's all about loose fitting comfortable clothes. Add on the add on pack and you've got everything a kid would need!

Polly Woggles Autumn Grace Tunic/Dress (review). My girls love this tunic/dress for days out in the cool weather AND as warm fuzzy pj's. I love that it goes together fast and with poly fleece, which will be on super sale at Joann's on Saturday.

Love Notions La Bella (review). Once again, a pattern similar to what I love to wear. The La Bella has a cowl and a hoodie as well as several sleeve lengths. And while I make several each year for my oldest, I know that it is really my middle daughter that loves this pattern.

Bella Sunshine Designs Bow Tie Leggings (loose fit for the oldest and slim fit for the younger two) (review 1. review 2). My eldest loves the loose fit and my younger 2 love the thinner fit. Thankfully leggings are fast and easy, so I make 5 pairs for each for the season and consider it done.

Winter Wear Designs Aviators (review). * the Aviators are my eldest's favorite joggers (my other two refuse joggers in all forms). They have pockets (including back welt pockets) and the perfect relaxed fit that she loves.

My eldest refuses to wear dresses at all anymore. That's ok. My younger 2 make up for it.

Jocole Endless Dress (review). The endless is my go to woven dress. Aside from making a peasant dress, you can make just about anything from this pattern. The add on packs give you a crazy number of changes to the pattern and it really has been my favorite dress to sew for a while now.

Hailey Bug's Closet Perfect Puzzle Set (review). If you've read the blog, you know that this is my daughter's favorite dresses. Simple, comfy and plenty of twirl. I like them because they sew fast. Everyone wins. :)

Hey June Hatteras (review)*. After the 40 garments in 40 days series, I knew this one was a favorite. Slim fitting (without being constricting) and tons of options. I've made every variation of this pattern and my kids have loved every single one.

Max and Meena All Ears Hoodie (review)*. I'm not sure I really need to say anything about this pattern. Those ears are just so cute. And I could make a ton of variations and still never make them all.

Bella Sunshine Design Gabriella's Coat (review). This jacket was a real work of art and I'm so thankful my eldest can still wear it. I guess that's how things work out when you're a big string bean.

And there you have it. My most used, most loved patterns. You should have these, (or something similar) to complete your child's, husband's or your wardrobe. What patterns do you think I'm missing? I'd love to hear it!

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