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Watcha Wearin' January/Just for Me January/Day to Night Challenge- Sis Boom Carolina Mae

I love when a blog post can do double duty. Even better when it can go for QUINTUPLE duty! And today's post is going to do just that. ...

I love when a blog post can do double duty. Even better when it can go for QUINTUPLE duty! And today's post is going to do just that.

#1- This is absolutely outfits that I have worn in January. Yes, I really do wear sleeveless dresses in January. Crazy much? Maybe, but I've yet to find a woven sleeved dress that doesn't have a puff sleeve that makes me this happy. #watchawearinjanuary

#2- A fabulous dress for my Sew Along and Sewing Contests: Deep Stash Edition. I bought the Carolina Mae when it first came out. I've made it several different times in different sizes as I've gained and lost weight. I'm happy to be sewing it again. The glitter dot is a new fabric. I don't keep anything that fancy just sitting in my stash. But the two scroll work fabrics have been sitting in my stash since December 2015.The glitter dot was made AFTER January 1st, so it fits into the challenge. #sswdeepstash

#3 The day to night challenge with Elizabeth Made This. The Day to night challenge is an opportunity to make a DAY and a NIGHT dress. Must be sewn AFTER January 8th. That throws out my Sisboom Carolina Mae, but my Candy Skulls Angie was made just this week, so it completely fits in here. Stay tuned to see what I end up making for the NIGHT part of the challenge.

#4 As part of the Sew Alongs and Sewing Contests group, they were also having a Ridiculous Fabric Pop-up Contest. You better believe I entered my Sisboom Angie. When I think Candy Skulls, I immediately think of the Mexican, "Day of the Dead." We celebrated Day of the Dead this year with my family, so its hard to think of the candy skulls outside of November 1st. But man, they're colorful and fun and have all the colors I love. Black, fuchsia, turquoise. They're awesome. And I aim to wear them all year round.

#5- Whew... Finally the actual reason I can justify a whole post, the Sis Boom Just For Me January. #justformejanuary I've actually made 2 new Sisboom Dresses just since January 1st. And we count the ones I made BEFORE the new year, I'm up to 5 dresses since December 1st. You might say, I'm in love.

So, when I think Sis Boom I think of beautiful bright summery colors. Their advertising obviously works really well. :) But let's get honest here, it is ALL about the fabrics. My  black/white scroll work says conservative. It says, grown up. It says, wear to work. It says, "I don't tell jokes." That's cool. We all need clothes like that. I just can't be too serious, so cue fuchsia tights.

On the other hand, my linings say, "I'm a kid at heart." Alligators and Halloween prints? Why not? I don't believe in taking myself too seriously. They also say, I never waste fabric.

And of course, when we opt for Candy Skulls, well, let's not think of me as a serious grown up, LOL. And of course, NEVER skip the pockets. ;)

Then of course there's my "party" dress. Did you ever think of Carolina Mae for a party dress? Let's just say it was just as easy to wear as my other versions but was perfectly "fancy" for my husband's company party. And I totally dropped the ball on getting fancy pictures. :( We were having such a good time at the party, that we never even used the camera I brought!

Now I'm one of those people that will keep doing the same thing over and over again. So its no surprise I have 3 Carolina Maes. Knowing I can make these from quilting cotton means I keep browsing for the perfect fabric for another (and another and another!). And I've got a big stack just waiting for me to make more. And maybe I will. Maybe one day I'll even choose something OTHER than quilting cotton. But QC is so easy to find in fun prints, so its hard to consider buying anything else!

Then again, maybe they should be Sisboom Jamies or Angies instead? I never can decide. I'm so happy I took the time to modify my Angie. It is now an empire length (more flattering for me) with a band (I tuck the elastic into the back band). I need more of these too.

And of course, in case you've never seen it, I am definitely going to duplicate Becca's Cross Over Back Hack. 

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Where are you going and what are you wearing this week? Don't forget to link up to register for a chance to win our huge prize pack!

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  1. love these looks! Thanks for being on the tour!

  2. Hi Ti, to clarify, it's okay if you made a dress for the Day and Night Dress Challenge before Jan 8th. The linkup is available from Jan 8th to the 28th, but if you started before Jan 8th with the challenge in mind, that's totally okay. :)


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