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How I lost visual weight by cutting my hair

Do you trust your hairstylist? I mean REALLY trust them? If you go to someone new each time, then I can guarantee this style tip is NOT for ...

Do you trust your hairstylist? I mean REALLY trust them? If you go to someone new each time, then I can guarantee this style tip is NOT for you. BUT, if you have a stylist you like, you feel like you know them and they know you, then I'm about to drop a bomb on you.

Before you go in with another photo of how you want your hair to look, ask them what they think.

Yesterday, I spent hours looking for the right style for my wavy LONG hair. I was bored. Bored of the same old braids, ponytails, buns, etc. I wanted new. I wanted fun. But most importantly, I wanted skinny!

So, I brought in a photo, but I told her (my stylist is female) what I was looking for. I told her:
-I want fun
-I want short
-I want flattering for my wavy-curly hair.
-I want skinny

OMG was she excited. I just gave her free reign on my hair! She started talking, possibly faster than I could actually understand. Her important comments were:

You are petite. Long hair can be heavy and make your face look longer. She had never told me this before! If you like long hair, then who cares. Be happy with it and enjoy styling it a million different ways. But here I was saying I wanted something new, so she was ready with new. And she wanted it to be light and fluffy. That's good. My hair totally digs fluffy whether I want it or not.

Next we considered my face shape (oval), my hair texture wavy to curly (depending on length) and time investment. She settled on a pixie bob (pixie in the back, bob in the front) with LOTS Of layers.

Then we talked color. Did you know that dying your hair a solid color can make it look flat and heavy? She said definitely highlights. Adding color dimension adds sheen and makes your hair look lighter (as in not heavy).

So I trusted her. First she copped off about 8" of hair all over. We colored my grays and added in highlights. My dark brown hair looks so light colored with the added highlights!

Then she started cutting. And cutting and CUTTING! I admit, I got nervous for a bit. Would I have any hair left when she was done? She talked me through how to style my hair and my different options. I could still flat iron it on days between washing and could even use my flat iron to curl my hair. Who knew? Not this girl.

So now I'm cute and sassy, but most importantly, I look skinny!

For your viewing pleasure, I have my favorite Made For Mermaids Mama Claire in Olive Cotton Lycra from Simply By Ti. I have my scoop back cut out and a dark wash boot leg jean. You better believe I love my new hair! My neck looks long and thin. It softens my shoulders as it draws the eye up to my face. I may keep my hair like this forever!

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  1. Yay! You look fantastic.

  2. Your new hair is bold and sassy! Love it! I made an appointment just last week to make over my hair too! Like you I'm feeling drab and flat and ...dare I say....frumpy. . I think finding this post while I wait...waffling back and forth if I'm really going to do something new, is an affirmation of sorts that I need to chop chop chop!


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