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Sewing Up Spring 2

Nothing says April or Spring, like Easter Dresses! So today on I've been all about the stretch lace and Easter dresses NEED lace. A...

Nothing says April or Spring, like Easter Dresses!

So today on

I've been all about the stretch lace and Easter dresses NEED lace. And no, I don't think need is too strong of a word.

As I was thinking about these dresses, I knew I needed lace. The other thing I needed was practical. spring here in Southeastern Wyoming is short. Mostly we do winter, with a smattering of nice days, then BOOM hot summer heat and chances of snow ☃. Our last frost date is May 20th! First frost date after summer is September 20th. And it isn't uncommon to get snow in the summer. It definitely keeps you on your toes. Truth is, there's no way to know whether we would have snow, 70's or 90's for Easter Sunday!

So to guarantee my daughter would get to wear her dress now AND all through the summer (before she grows out of it), I wanted sleeveless. While our weather can be unpredictable the one thing you can predict is that the summer sun is brutal and sleeveless tops are definitely necessary.

 The Patterns for Pirates Me Hearties Dress is my daughter's favorite as far as fit goes. But the girls version doesn't come with a sleeveless version. Knowing that the sleeved version has a nice tight armscye for a tight sleeve, I opted to just put bands on it. And it worked! To do this yourself, just calculate 85% of the armscye and add them on.

Now that I had one dress down, of course I was inspired to sew a bunch more because they're just too adorable. Mixing and matching where I put lace and the different bodice options, meant I had completely unique dresses each time. So in addition to my youngest daughter's dress, I have:

A cute little lavender dress for my youngest niece's 1st birthday
A yellow dress with lace yoke for my middle daughter
Another yellow dress with sweetheart lace overlay for my other niece's 7th birthday.

I haven't managed to photograph them all together, yet, but I can't wait to see them in all this beautiful lace!

To sew up your own stretch lace cotton lycra dresses, you can see the coordinated fabrics at Simply By Ti.

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