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The 2x2 Sew Along

Woot Woot! It is officially May and that means the Deep Stash Sew Along is OVER! I had such a great time participating. It directed my proje...

Woot Woot! It is officially May and that means the Deep Stash Sew Along is OVER! I had such a great time participating. It directed my projects and got me thinking about all the patterns I already own. It even stopped me from buying a few!

Up next in the Sew Alongs and Sewing Contests Facebook Group is the 2x2 Sew Along. There is a list of 13 items and we're supposed to sew up 2 items per month through August. HAH! You know me. 13 items by June 1st anyone?

Here's the official list:
1. LBD / Date Dress 
2. Trench Coat 
3. Lingerie/ Sleepwear 
4. Classic dress pants 
5. Jeans 
6. Sweater/ Cardigan 
7. Shirt/ Blouse 
8. Accessory 
9. Skirt 
10. Dress 
11. Blazer 
12. Workout / Sportswear 
13. Somber wear/ serious event

Actually, I own't be sewing up 13 items. Why? It is a little hard to stay committed to a trench coat when it is 80+ degrees outside. AND my lifestyle has ZERO need for a blazer.  So that means only 11.

Chances are, that as I complete these projects, I'm going to change my mind, LOL. But my tentative pairs:

#1 Little Black Dress and #10 Dress
Both will be the 1 Puddle Lane Miss Ruby Tuesday. I recently one the new updated bodice and skirt pattern pack, so I can pretty much make any style dress I want. I'll use the Black Rayon Spandex from Simply By Ti for the LBD and probably something floral and summery for my second dress. I'll do these first before I change my mind!

#9 Skirt and #7 Shirt/Blouse
I've had the Love Notions Sybil FOREVER. Never sewn it once (SHAME!) Time to change that. I'm thinking the dark denim cotton lycra from Simply By Ti is the perfect neutral piece I'll need. To pair with my pencil skirt, I'm going for a Tie front t-shirt. I'm going to use my favorite dolman sleeve from the Made For Mermaids Mama Claire and mash it to the tie front of the Mama Ella. Fingers crossed for greatness.

#3 Sleepwear and #12 Workout/Sports Wear
I've already declared my great love for the Rad Patterns Lucky Lingerie. I haven't made the baby doll top version from this pattern yet, so time to change that. I'm going to need comfy, cool sleepwear to survive the summer heat! And of course, for workout/sports wear, I'm thinking of the Patterns for Pirates Peg Legs (because I LOVE the shaped waistband). I'll pair that with the new bra I actually BOUGHT. That'll give me a change to talk about how awesome I think it is!

#5 Jeans and #4 Classic Dress Pants
I shared my Jalie Eleanore Pull On Jeans last week. They're sort of too big now, so time to make a new smaller pair. And of course, you can't go wrong with a pair of black ponte Love Notions Sabrina Slims. Super classic and perfect for any "dress" occasion.

#6 Cardigan and #8 Accessory
Cardigan choice was SUPER easy. I need a black/white striped Patterns for Pirates Cocoon Cardigan to round out my summer wardrobe. And I've recently caught the "bag making" bug. Not sure where it came from, but my sewing skills have improved, so I no longer loathe bag making. I'm still not going to work on anything that requires 5 million different parts. But I can whip up some simple coordinating bags to use for my mostly short trips out and about.

Last, but not least #13, Somber Wear
I hope to never need it, but having a simple black/navy outfit for a serious event is always a plus. I'm still debating on this one. Possible options:
Made By Mermaids Isabel.
1 Puddle Lane Miss Ruby Tuesday Crossover bodice as a shirt with a Sybil Skirt or pair with my black Sabrina Slims Above.
Blue or Navy Itch To Stitch Marbella.
Navy dress of some sort. Woven? Knit? I don't know!
This will definitely be my last sew out of all of them.

True story though. I can't even win! Why? Because Simply By Ti is sponsoring this sew along. Sure, we're only one of the many sponsors, but I'm still excited to sew along. Can't wait to see what others have planned.

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  1. Great choices!

    I'm planning to make the same jeans. My first time though. Can't wait to see all your creations.

  2. June 1st?!- ok settle down there. I'm sure you can totally do that, but maybe spread it out just a little so you're not done in the first quarter of the SAL and then just watching.
    You've made a really good plan. I have a few ideas but nothing solid yet.


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