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Greenstyle Moxi Shorts

So many people think stretch twill and think boring kid's uniforms and work pants. "Mom" clothes and those boring "gro...

So many people think stretch twill and think boring kid's uniforms and work pants. "Mom" clothes and those boring "grown up" barbecues you went to as a kid. What if I told you stretch twill can be REALLY fun? Like the Greenstyle Moxi Shorts?

I (being Simply By Ti) recently sent fabric to Angelyn of Greenstyle Creations. Shortly after getting her order, she told me that the stretch twill would be great for her Moxi Shorts. Interesting. I never would have thought to do the Moxi's in stretch twill. You see the Moxi's are really meant to be a athletic short. Running, exercise, beachwear, check. Chilling? Well maybe I was being short sighted.

Now, if Angelyn reaches out to you and tells you "I think this would work." Well you just do it. Because who knows their patterns better than the designer themselves?  And she's good at what she does. For the record, Angelyn gave me this pattern for free. All opinions remain my own.

Now this is my 3rd muslin but I am SO close to what I had in my mind and these are 100% wearable as is. And COMFY. To fit my unique body, I blended from an 8 waist to a 10 hem on the front. My quads strike again! On the back, I blended from an 8 waist to a 6 hem. THEN, I removed 1" from the lower back hem as a wedge in the center. My butt has a sharp curve that leads into my thin back leg and I didn't want my hems to look like my leg had wings.

I have to admit, the Moxi's make my geometry loving brain SO happy. You know how I love to skip instructions? This isn't one of those patterns where you can do that. The Moxi's are drafted such that you attach the front, upper back and lower back all together as one long piece. Then you apply bias tape and attach the lower back and upper back together. Getting all those angles and curves just right takes real skill. It is simply an engineering marvel.

Also, I LOVE bias tape. It is one of those things where you can take a fairly modest looking square or rectangle of fabric and turn it into what feels like miles of pretty strips. That means you can dig through your scraps and make all kinds of pretty hems. I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

The best part about being a fabric shop owner, is that I can use any fabric I want from my shop. And while the khaki stretch twill felt SO boring and definitely not me, I now have plans to add leopard print bias tape to it. Suddenly khaki isn't boring any more.

If you would like to make a pair of Greenstyle Moxi Shorts in stretch twill I highly recommend ordering from Simply By Ti THIS WEEK. We are currently running our "Summer Blowout" which means all fabrics (including our stretch twill) are 25% off. That means our awesome stretch twill is just $7.50 a yard! I was able to get my mashed up size 6/8/10 out of about 1/2 yard, so 1 yard may get you 2 pairs! Don't forget to purchase coordinating cotton lycras for your waistbands.

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