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Halla Patterns Agnes Swing Top and Dress

Did you see that the Halla Patterns Agnes just got a sleeve update? I admit I am SO behind the times. The Agnes Swing Top and Dress is a...

Did you see that the Halla Patterns Agnes just got a sleeve update? I admit I am SO behind the times. The Agnes Swing Top and Dress is a free pattern if you join the Halla Patterns Facebook Group. Even if the Agnes isn't your style, I highly recommend you are a member, as they have MANY free patterns. Just check the pinned post in the group.

I made my Agnes in a size 6/8. My measurements are 38", 30-31", 38". That puts me in the exact size for my overbust, sized down for the waist and then a larger size for the hips. I opted NOT to do a full bust adjustment and hope that the fabric would give enough stretch for the extra inch. To adjust for height, I removed 1/2" above the bust, 1" at the waist and 2" from the dress hem. I redrew the skirt swing by connecting the underbust to the furthest swing point using my french curve.

There are MANY kinds of swing dresses. The Agnes is a dress that swings from the underbust. This is one of the best types for women with large busts, large shoulders AND those with a bit of "fluff" around the middle. My underbust is actually my smallest measurement, so it flares out and gives the illusion of my middle being thinner!

Using a soft drapey fabric, like this Simply By Ti ITY, means the fabric flows softly around my hips. It gives the illusion of more hips than I actually have! I think I could bring the swing in just a bit, but I am okay with a little extra fabric on my hips.

My one suggestion about this pattern for those with large busts is to consider whether you like the neckline. The neckline is quite high and a high neckline is going to make a large bust look bigger. If that's the look you're going for, then you're set. And if it isn't, use your french curve and bring it down by about 2". It'll minimize the bust some.  I used to be a bit obsessed with minimizing my bust. I try to have a balance of the two options now, so will likely make some with this neckline and a few with a lower neckline for variety.

I haven't tried the sleeves yet, so can't review them. I can note they are cut on the fold. This doesn't work well with a woven fabric, but it can be "good enough" for a knit pattern. And considering it is free, I'm not going to complain too much.

The pattern is drafted with the same front and back. There is enough stretch in my fabric to skip an FBA. If you're using a more firm Cotton/Lycra, you will likely need to make the necessary bust adjustments as needed. That said, I don't really recommend cotton/lycra for this pattern. Fabrics with more soft drape are going to be MUCH more flattering. Fabrics I DO recommend: ITY, Rayon Spandex, Double Brushed Poly, Poly Lycra Blends.

Love the fabric I used in my Agnes? I've got great news for you. This fabric, and ALL of the other Simply By Ti fabrics are part of our Summer Blowout Sale. All fabrics are 25% off. Use coupon code: SUMMERBLOWOUT through July 23rd.

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  1. You've convinced me to try this one! Looks lovely on you, I really like the color pop of contrast neckband.

  2. This is great! I'm going to try a sleeveless version now.


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