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Ponchos and Sweater Knits

Over in Capsule Wardrobe Sew Along  there has been much discussion about ponchos as we approach fall weather. I WANT something big, and fuzz...

Over in Capsule Wardrobe Sew Along there has been much discussion about ponchos as we approach fall weather. I WANT something big, and fuzzy and warm that I can throw on and feel good about. But I was definitely worried that big, bulky and warm would NOT be my friend. It would make me look big and bulky. No one wants anyone to refer to them as big and bulky, unless maybe you're a lineman on a football team. But I'm not a football player.

Once upon a time, BEFORE I was "Sewing By Ti" I was knitting Ti. You see, knitting needles are portable. And with 3 kids under 4, I was a busy mama that couldn't get to my sewing machines as often I would like. But knitting? I could knit everywhere.

So knitting I did. I did so much knitting, but knitting is SLOW. And I sure don't want to commit to a 300+ hour project only to decide that I don't actually like ponchos.

The cool thing about knitting a poncho though is you're only making big rectangles. And guess what, you don't even have to knit those rectangles! So here I am with the Simply By Ti Fabric Shop FULL of beautiful sweater knits, a hankering for a poncho made of rectangles and a few hours on my hands.

After browsing facebook for a bit, I stumbled on this pin.

Except I forgot something really important. When you're knitting or crocheting, the fabric often has a touch of give, so you can fudge the numbers a little. AND, when you're crocheting and knitting you don't have to hem. And also, you can sew the 2 pieces together EXACTLY at the edges. You can't really do that with a "real" sewing project. <whoops>. That made my entire neckline about 4" too small to even fit on my head!

Instead of throwing the whole thing in the trash, I salvaged it by not sewing the neckline entirely closed. But next time, don't forget seam allowances. So, for my project, I used a 25" arm and a 21" head. By those measurements, I made 2 pieces, 25" x 36". Next time, I definitely need 27" by 38". And if I want a bigger neckline cut out (and I think I do), I'd go with maybe 27" by 40". Keep in mind that the bigger you make the length, the longer your point becomes.

Let's talk style now. The angled stripes on this design draw the eye in all sorts of directions, which helps soften some things. The slash neckline makes my shoulders look a touch wide and there's no hiding the way it drapes off of my bust. But I lose my waist in here.

That isn't necessarily a bad thing. Had a big pizza binge? Throw on a poncho and no one will know. Hiding a pregnancy from your family, friends, boss or coworkers? Pssh, what baby? Want something that doesn't care that you've gained or lost a few pounds? What about finding something cute to wear over an actual baby bump? This poncho is ALL of those things!

The really cool thing about this is you can have an entire wardrobe of plain solid t-shirts. Add in some colorful ponchos and suddenly your wardrobe is a lot more fun! And you of course aren't limited to this very basic style either.

Definitely wear this over fitted clothing only. It is so big, that you want to be sure that any body parts that are seen, look as slender as possible. As for me, I'm off to go pick my next poncho fabric.

Love this fabric? You're in luck! All Simply By Ti sweater knits AND stretch lace are on sale through Monday, August 21st for just $5 a yard. Use coupon codes: FFF-SK and FFF-SL

Love the makeup look? I'd be happy to help you find the right products for you. You can see all the products I used on my Younique Look Book.

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  1. I love it! the angle at the bottom is really flattering, and those colors. Awesome job!


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